Bars in Kardamena

Mick H          10/10

   what a bar and place to be in so glad to come back to kos year after year,  craigo and all the crew make sure im so welcomed and make sure i get totally wasted every time.  cheap drinks and great entertainment if not in the bar try out the water sports its a must!!  regards  mad "gun" mick 

Fiona Y           

click to enlargeLush is so much fun!!!! I love the place, it is such a nice place to chill and DRINK. ak for a lush mix if you like the SO CO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! southern comfort is amazing....well i am an american, so that's probably why! great service, great prices, great location, and a nice break from the annoying PR people of bar street! love it love it love it! MANY FREE DRINKS TOO FOR HOTTIES!

Sharlene S           

The music was good and its the cheapest bar on the island it was always the 1st stop for me.


Hello ladz proberly carnt remember us very much but hey i saw u lot more in status than funky worm i came in may/june and not everywhere woz open so did not catch ur preformance at sugar!! hope ur there next year because i definatly will be!! Tazmyn & Natasha xx

Huddersfield G           

they play good music dont remember much else!!!

Jade B           

sam pretty gud kisser but oh my god g*y sweat bands!!!!! love jade bow lucas from stockport

Laura W           

drinks were the cheapest around the the two sexy stripper pr's-sam and ross entertained us throughout.a bit quiet but good to chill out in and get drunk for cheap. ps,ask for a 'gas chamber' the next time you are there!

Kelc and gemz            

only thing to say is oh my god how fit is the pr!!!!! the blonde guy just kept walking past to see his fit a**e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Miss C           

hey beth, went to kardamena a few weeks ago and ross is still working at the funky worm, hes got a blonde mullet now though. x

Beth R           

hey can anyone tell me if this is where ross is PR'in? he's from london tall with dark hair unless he's dyed it again. anyone just checking he worked there last yr but i know him from a yr before and he dont know im coming out! and i wanna let him know he's got me to annoy him for a week hehe

Stella A           

Drinks are cheap here. Start the night here if u wanna get drunk. Free shots with every long drink (well it was when we were there). Sam and Ross r gorgeous. Make sure you go to the Full Monty show at sugar club which they star in.

James M           

Quite cool, cheap drinks and good tunes.

Amanda J           



Had a great time here!! sneaked off with two of the glasses tho as we had a wander down the front-oops! well it was our first night and we were hammered......forgive us! Em, just wondered whether Sam and Dave the PR's were there round the time you went? i went end of Oct and our first day was their last! wondered if they were there during peak season aswell, as im back there with 5 other mates!! cheers xx


this bar is wikid!i didnt drink here much but stayed next door at enigma but the prs are lovely and gorgeous!yes andi im talkin bout u!miss them all, ross was hilarious! x

Paul E           

sam and dave the greek mafia are coming for you.

Russ W           

went in 2000 august,had some good cracks here.hello wendy rosie and julie from boots reading if you read this.sorry for being an a**e on that last night but hey it was an holiday and i got pissed-what do you expect!!!bar staff were friendly,let you stay until early morning.especially in the power cuts.good,good good


Had an ace time funky worm managed to get us pissed every night and PAUL is definately the fittest, sexiest PR on the island!!! ;)

Katie R           

my mates doin onre of the pr's!!!!!

Nicola F           

The Funky worm was ace, 14 of us managed to get mingin every night in there and PAUL was definately the fittest, sexiest PR on the island!

Dillys B

Funky worm - Never went in but the PR who lived in khaki combats and a white vest was FIT UP!!!


Funky Worm is one of the best bars in Kardamena, stumbled down there after kings arms every night for 2 weeks! Right next to Maccy Ds too which always comes in handy! The PRs are lovely and u can get a cheap drink or two if u bargain with Bill :>!

Got home this morning and we so wanna be back already!


alrite! hey to ross and steve, excellent mc'ing by ross,fit dj despite the dodgy mullet wig!! is our photo up on the board that u took in status??? it better be! hahha, hope to see ya next yr!! TEXT ME OR ELSE-kel

Holly K           

best bar in kardamena all the PRs are wicked especially steve, andy, ian, ross, Jay. And the two dj are wicked to. and there all bloody gorgeous as well. love you guys miss you! see you next year.

Danny C           

Yeh its quite a phat ar coz me crazy- d (danny colman)and me mate tel (tezza-d) mc there nearly every night so ne mc wana chat n e were go there!!!