Lush - (Bars in Kardamena)

Dillys B

Funky worm - Never went in but the PR who lived in khaki combats and a white vest was FIT UP!!!

GNS - (Bars in Kardamena)

Dillys B           

Peter, it would interest me to know where you are currently storing the stolen goods, namely other peoples lighters. Yes you in the yellow Adidas jacket.

Peters mate, the tall, dark, blue eyed southerner.... HELLO!!!!

Bonkers - (Bars in Kardamena)

Dillys B           

Hello to All, Si, Del, Nikos, Dean & Last but not least John,
Congrats to Si on being the best barman on the island we were luvin your liquid cocaines.
Del & Nikos,by far the most friendly and fun bar in Kardamena. Well Done!
Dean & John, best pr's, hope to see you next year.

No Name Bar - (Bars in Kardamena)

Dillys B           

Regular visions of the godly like presence that was the yorkshire man........DAN, more than compensated for costly beverages and their accompanying 4 servings of Sunny D.
A friendly word, ditch the annoying sidekick (Yappy short bloke) and one day my lad, you could be mine

Buddies - (Bars in Kardamena)

Dillys B           

Hello to "Steve Owen" and "In Love" (PR's)

Steve, walks of shame? a total please.
In Love, the hair? but why, why did it leave you?

Crackers - (Bars in Kardamena)

Dillys B           

DILLYS,DILLYS,DILLYS,DILLYS,DILLYS,DILLYS,DILLYS,DILLYS,DILLYS,DILLYS,up in my lonely room, when im dreaming of you, oh what can i do......?