Bars in Kardamena

Sam R           


Jim B           

as i worked here have to comment it really don't i. loved working here was the best place i did work while i was out there, everyone was cool mark (best guy to work with, we came up with some shocking insults) drew (such a laugh absolute ledgend the c**t) nikos (boss, made me laugh) vicky (if you ever read this sorry for being a t**t to you, did have such a good time with you though) laura & laura (they called me lazy, but they did f**k all as well, they were great) lucy (pissed me off so much, but was too innocent to understand what i was like) adam (wicked dj played some class tunes always made me happy, mate if you read this i needd the names of some tunes). met loads of really wicked people out there workers and tourists, had the best summer ever. also my last night was the best night i had out there and for only one reason (but thats for me know). any way if you are out there next summer you might see me, then again you might not, not sure on the p.o.a yet. is a class place to holiday everyone is dead chilled and up for a good time. take it easy. j


Class bar with class fish bowls - always worth a quick pit stop to grab a fish bowl


This bar has probably the best toilets on the island - no joke. Staff are cool as donkeys, decent music and drinks. Big Yassou out to Mark, Drew, Adam, Vicki, Karen, Lorraine. Oh and Mark, it was very big of you to come out of the closet in front of us, meant a lot and the best of luck to you as a gay.


GNS was wicked- 1 of the best bars! but that was only because of JAMES!!! the PR! also cocktials were excellent- and a barg!! miss it loads out there! and miss James!!

Nina C           

Me and 3 friends just got home on the 20th August. went to G.N.S quite a few times, as it had good deals on drinks, good music, and the PR's were soo nice. HI James (and his mad friends who flew out on the 18th august - i think).Oh and hi to the other PR (cant remember his name now sorry) its Nina here from Glasgow if you remember me?! well i promised id leave a message on this for you! hope your still having fun out there!

Danny W           

me and my m8s went there every night the drinks were brill and good service i met bianca how was very sexy and very nice if she sees this comment i wud like to c you again this is my now number 07731460142 so give me a bell

Joanne D           

It was a great bar - every saturday 20 euros all you can drink from 8:30 - 11:00. Great music!!!

Lisa S           

this bar was awful, they told us it would be buy 1 get one and free on cocktails and that there were free shots, we see no sign of either of these things once we were inside and paid for drinks, there was no need for the guys to lie outside this bar, altho the DJ was nice cos he played a song i wanted to hear, apart from that we wouldnt go back here

David S           

The wife beater was a brucey bonus, Hello to Bianca and friends, we are the brum boys whos brother invented wife beater, You used my camera to take some photos, you could of at least got your tats out! Great otherwise.

Sara C           

yo yo!! GNS is the best bar in Kardamena, i had a wicked time working there this summer for 2 months!! Me and bianca say hi to everybody who worked there and who we met!! summer 2003 was one to remember!! see you all next year!!

Dillys B           

Peter, it would interest me to know where you are currently storing the stolen goods, namely other peoples lighters. Yes you in the yellow Adidas jacket.

Peters mate, the tall, dark, blue eyed southerner.... HELLO!!!!

Jenny F           

Hi to Andy and Peter, the Prs, do you remember us, we were famously called the 'toilet girls', only by you tho-i wonder why andy!! Great bar, good music! xx

Ross S           

any1 remember us m.c'in here first 2 weeks of august? comin bak to work this year-wanna work here, gns and just blue are the 2 bars to be at in kardamena

Matt C           

Ab fab the dogs balerics get your asses down here for some of the best garage and RNB music then go down to the seva and get mulered for 24 hour drionking sessions. LETS AVE IT