Bars in Kardamena

Adz F           

This bar deserves better than chuffin 0 out of 10! Worked here all summer (june til august) n it bangs out the best in speed garage/r'n'b and what ever else we fancied! Hello to the scottish little buggers! (jo and lorraine kelly LIVE!!!) And by the way ginger bollocks is not gay, even though he looks it! Probably be back next year.... Hello to all the very fit girls i met this summer got some great pix of some of u! Adam from Chuffin Sheffield


I worked at Enigma for a short while so also know Ash and his ginger friend Russel... I'll have you know he's not gay- you should have got in there!


i knew the ginger lad aswell he was so sexy. i tried to chat up the dwarf pr ash, but realised that the ginger lad was g*y


we went in the tatoo place and had a look and the bloke took me outside and made me a silver broch as a present . its so pretty and he was really friendly.


this bar is wikid, yes owner big p**v but sweet, this is where i met all my m8s(includin lovely james)cheap cocktails, got slightly borin if u stayed there a lot but still wikid, the prs were really friendly, i still got the t-shirt!xx

John B           

I agree with most of the comments. Not a place i would swim through shark infested seas to visit - or even paddle in lukewarm seawater for that matter. Attracted by the cheap offers and stayed because we were too idle and drunk to go anywhere else. Only visit if your hearing is defective - if not it will be when you leave!


yawn,yawn,yawn...the owner was a bit of a p**ve and the young lads who worked there were arrogant and thought they were the best! yeah right! our best mate was greek n she was translating what the greek guy n a lad was talking about. n lets just say it was a bit too p**verse and offensive to british people to read out. there so desperate for buisness that they always try and give u free drinks to keep you there!sad. not only that i got a tattoo from the guy who owns it who also owns the tatoo place and he's gone to deep in places and left white scarred patched on my arm. best advise...dont even look at the place when u walk past!

Miss M           

we liked it coz we all kinda had a crush on someone who worked there called mario n we thought the owner was a cool guy...who did really ace tatoos by the way. its a friendly cheap place overlooking the beach and the musics ace.we were there in june and the staff were really friendly.

Donna ?           

ok, so i was in kos last week. we never got round to visiting this bar, but i did get a tattoo at the studio by one of the guys who owned the bar. he's really cool! and i'd advise anyone who goes there to pop in for a few drinks..as i know i will be next time. you also have to have a look in his shop because he has some excellant tattoo's!! i got an eye on my left shoulder. it was my first tattoo, i was nervous just before the needle went in but the guy was really assuring! he even made me a pin after it was finished (thanks) :) oh, and you have to ask him to play the track 'son of a b***h' cracked me and my mate up!! anyway, i know it aint a description of the bar but he showed us some pic's on his pc and it looked wicked! and packed!! so you'd have to check it out!