The Pussy Cat

Bars in Kardamena

Davadadof2 W          10/10

So sorry to learn that Jenny the Gypsy has passed on. Great person. She and Thassos made my many holidays in kardamena. Not been for 5 years but now must make an effort to go and see Thassos............

Julie S

I am sorry to learn Jenny as past-away how sad is this what a great lady,was loved by all, she will be missed. I have not been on holiday there for a while but we used to go 2 times a year, we named Jenny tinkerbell do any of you rember this R.I.P Jenny from me and lauren.

Sandra&steveo C          10/10

hi sorry to say p***y cats has been closed for a good few years now.tasos in still out and about in some off the bars. unfortunely jenny has passed away. we have been going to kardamena for 12 years had many a good night at p***y cats. sad to say a lot of bars around about p***y cats have close. the greek people are still the best we are told we are not holiday makers we are family now. love those people and the place back again soon.


was at kardamena couple of years ago loved it going again this year carnt w8, p***ycat bar is great, if ur goin to kos this year then have a drink in the p***ycat bar, why not?  

Sandra H           

After yet another visit to Kardamena its good to see some things don't change..... Jenny and Tasos (alias Gypsy and the Lousy Greek)..... excellent breakfast and strong (branded)  cheap drinks. Love Jenny's tortoises even though Tasos wants to make them into soup. Definately worth a visit.
San and Paul

Margaret L           

  just come back from kardamena. lovely to see the p***y cat still there. tassos and jenny always remember us.  sausage batch for breakfast, great way to start the day, jenny has 2 tortoises now. she still has the same bike though

Jack W           

It's great there, breakfast was well nice and both Jen and the Lousy Greek were really friendly, a great atmosphere, see you next year Jen love 14 xx

Jane A           

we both loved the p***y cat.  the people are great and jenny keeps everyone happy - it wouldn't be the same without her.  going back to kardamena in june (third time) and looking forward to it.  have been collecting cds for jenny as sometimes the music is a bit strange.  the food is very good.

Beverley T           

first stop after unpacking is a breakfast at the p***ycat, its a must, jenny and tassos never stop all day and all night, the drinks are all branded spirits( no cheap copys,)and the entertainment is nonstop, jenny you make me tired just watching you run around after everyone , the best place to go for a sing or a dance (jenny provides the instruments!! hows the baby tortoise ? ). see you again next year jenny.

Jennifer M           

Brilliant, Jenny is lovely, had a great time at this bar and was made really welcome.The owner is so friendly and cooks a mean burger,best in kos.There little baby Lettuce ( Tortoise ) is a must to see.WOUL D LOVE A COPY OF THE CHRISTMAS CAKE RECIPE. ITS REAALY FUNNY

Margaret L           

p***y cat is a great place for breakfast, and an after dinner drink.tassos very friendly and he always remembers us. jenny is great, always good for a laugh. love her bike

Elaine M           

Brilliant bar,great food,excellent service by Jenny,Tassos.Always made to feel welcome.If you want branded strong drinks served by a cheery waitress Jenny try here.

Laney M           

if you want good food,strong drinks.go and see tasos and jennie at the p***y cat bar across from the castle bar.

Elaine M           

the p***y cat bar is next door to brewers droop. excellent bar,good food,really strong drinks made by tassos all brand names for spirits.look forward to going there when in kardamena.cheers, tasos and jenny for the friendly welcome.see you in october.

Sue S           

we usually stay in kardamena for 3 weeks & go here almost every night, the cocktails are excellent, strong & real value for money, the music's good and we usually meet some interesting people. great for a relaxing evening after you have eaten. during the day the food is great too, i can recommend the special burger and also the p***ycat special cocktail!

Rick H           

We hated this place, it was full of fruitloops!