Jam Bar

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Hello to Emma, Laura and esp Bam Bam for teaching us how to straw fart...
See you all next year

The S           

Was the best bar like ever FULL STOP aswesome music,awesome people, just got back yesterday and im missing the place already.

Tommy H           

Hello to Laura and Daniels, how ya doing?? The jam bar is fantastic its the best bar ive ever been in me life!! me and my mate carl are seriously thinking of renting out a shop in weymouth, turning it into a bar and calling it the jam in dedication to you guys!! cheers for a fantastic holiday! you guys made it worth it considering all the couply things i had to put up with! hopefully see you again next season! Tommy x i recommend anyone who's into the indie/britpop scene check this place out, its opposite the stone roses bar in the main square and believe me.....you will not be disappointed!!!

Gavin H           

great little bar run by the same ppl who own the stone roses went in quite a few time Hannah and Laura were great going back in august see yas then.

Andrew M           

Good Music (Same as Stone Roses). So basically its the same bar. Except its slightly cheaper and not as busy.