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Charlotte @           

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Hi Nicky, I have Illias's phone numbers if they are any good but I know Gaz has his email? I'd rather not give my proper email out over here but if you email www.faceparty.com/miss_be_have (I don't care who has this 1) I'll reply via that, hope that helps x P.S Illias is still well and is still a legend! :-)

Charlotte @           

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Hi everyone!!! It's Charlotte -the PR from Tango, and yes 'the eye patch PR'!! Just wana say thanx to Marcos for his comment lol, won't forget the 'pool, paul and pull' convo! Had some really good laughs workin at Tango with the others and hopefully will be back next year, depending on whether I have an absolutely amazin job that pays a million pounds a year or not!!!  Have a good winter everybody!!!  xxx

Gaz @           

Just a quick hello to everyone who went in Tango this year.

Had another great summer, in without a doubt my favourite bar in all of Kos.
Hopefully I'll see you all next year for another summer to remember in Kardamenas #1 bar

Marcos E           

This was a top bar with a great PR girl...Charlotte! She spent loadsa time with us havin a laugh and takin the p1ss out of our brummy accents. One of the soundest girls out there. Hope she's out there next year...its all about Kos 2007!

Cheers Charlotte!

Kerry K           

yeh dis is the rite bar m8.the p.r wiv the eye patch is my sister charlotte( she got bit my a mozzie) 


it was a nice place and the p.r there was awsome her name was carlin she was also beautifull 

Kate A           


tango bar is wikid! me n shell loved it ....big hi! to gaz n luke awsome guys ! luke really was wearin bright orange...alot of dedication to his bar lol! any was cant wait to see you in july...were coming bak yey!

love yas
kate n shell
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Gemma W           

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Absolutely wicked bar and top PRs!!! 


tried e-mailing u gaz but i cant get an adress cos basically i dont know how. hope ur ok duchess u royal b***h. hello 2 to gemma and 2 one of the greatest c**ts in the world,and is the gag junior vice president general of gag galaxy....wellsey u old dog. filth and drink is all u know.

i must not sleep with any more .................! 

Gemma W           

Hey chris, gaz & rach!!!  Had an absolute wicked time on hols back in June!!  We were at the Tango bar every night - you lot were a great crack! Got some great pics!   Gem & Char (the 2 x blondeys with glasses!!) 

Thanx for all the shots and the gallons of vodka red bull!!  What we at it like!!!!  Fatheads!!

Rachael B           

Hey up fatheads, its rach, had a wicked time working in tango with the original penis's chris and gaz and of course the pimp daddy andy! no more ironing t-shirts next year mate!!!miss you all and see you soon

Downtown D           

everyone should drop in tango for a beer. wellsy will sort u out with allsorts of s**t. he is a soppy looking c**t tho. go for the 15 euro challenge, which u'll be pleasently suprised about


Gaz t           

This was the best bar on bar street 'cos the staff are awesome and full of gags. It might be small but it does the job (that's my motto). Had everything you needed even if it wasn't huge but hey size doesn't matter (please tell me size doesn't matter).

Claire D           

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hey one of the scosers here! just came home from kos and i have to i am gutted  i loved that place so much and it made my day to no i caould walk down bar street and get a hug from the dude that worked there! i luved that man so much and any one that goes kos should go in his bar just coz he is such a nice man ! i will defo be back next to see everyone

love an miss u
claire the scouser

Cheeky V           

Tango fab gaff Hi to Chris & Andy miss ya loads

Adele M           

Hey guys. went to Kos on 22nd of june 2005 till 6 july 2005. Loved the tango bar and met luvly ppl. Rob (aka Ashton) and Will if you read this missin use since didnt get to c use the last week  hope use got a job ok. give me an email : adelemcgowan@hotmail.com. would love to catch up.

Love Adele
ps no more makin fun of my scottish accent, u londonars

Adele M           

Hey everyone. went to Kos on 22nd of june 2005 till 6 july 2005. Loved the tango bar and met luvly ppl. Rob (aka Ashton) and Will if you read this missin use since didnt get to c use the last week hope use got a job ok. give me an email : adelemcgowan@hotmail.com. would love to catch up.

Love Adele
ps no more makin fun of my scottish accent, u londonar

Tom T           

Sent you an e-mail Marie, better late than never!! I've lost most other peoples' numbers who I worked with, especially want yours Sal, so e-mail me on tomtyler01@yahoo.com 

Marie N           

Tom, Sarah email me!!! marieannenelson@hotmail.com

Marie N           

I worked in Tango bar in 2003 for 5 weeks.I loved it! And I'm gutted cos I lost my phone a couple of months ago and everyone's numbers. I especially want Tom's number(who worked with me)and Sarah's (blonde from Manchester, an absolute babe and u made my ex's Christmas present - a ring for me)I'm going to contact Sally via email, and I always wondered what happened to our lovely group of lads from Liverpool???

Kevin P           

loved tango bar the girls who worked it were both good looking and really friendly went there most nights for a few last week


guys! don't know if any of ya ever go on this site, just found it by chance. but if y do im missing you all loads. specialy tom, we still getting married? and steve, marie, pip pip, natalie, claire, vicky and irene (still number one!). have i forgotten anyone, i did work with alot!!! if any of the guys who worked out in kos 2003 read this get in touch! sali1806@hotmail.com x

Kirsty C           

well what can i say????!!!!! great bar and the drinks were sooo cheap which is always a bonus!!!! the atmosphere was buzzing all the time and we'll definately be back!!!! luv Kci x

Michelle G           

Hello to everyone at Tango!!! Thanks to Steve, Vicky, Claire & Tom 4 making our holiday the best, we will be back nxt year! Tango has got 2 be the best bar in Kardamena, u have to try the turbo reefs!! we were in here almost every nite-wrecked!! luv the Tango Crew !!!!!!!

John E           

Me and my mates were in here every night it plays good music and the staff are a laugh.Just a stone throw from the kings arms to both worth a visit.