Bar 1960

Bars in Kardamena

Laura M          10/10

went to this bar every night... cheap cocktails and ace music, the dj was mint :)

Claire S

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THIS IS THE BEST BAR!!! the music is wicked!!! :-) George gave me so many free shots and drinks here!!! George is the one with the white hat on!!! and the other two are the other barmen!! hehehehe


Craigy D           

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I went back to kos this year for the 3rd time and alwalys enjoyed 1960's bar in the square. A superb range of tunes and friendly staff.  Infact me and my mate have set up a site about the little welsh dragon that goes on holiday with us. If you have any doubts check out and click on corky's adventures. Im going back tomorrow (06/09/2006) so there will be more photo's in a few weeks!
You will have a great time and want to go back as i am! ENJOY!!!!
Craigy D

Victoria B           


Music is Fantastic, Drinks are great, Excellent atmosphere and love ALL the Staff!!! And most of all i never left Sober!! ha ha ha.
Big HELLO to Anna, Danny and Alex. ;o) Miss em all loads - wish i was still there!! - Don't worry Guys i'll be back!!! Start lining up the Sex on the Beach!!!! ha ha ha - Much love to all!!
Anyone know how i can contact Alex at Bar 1960???????/PLEASE HELP!!!!
Hugs and Kisses



The best club i think is Status. Get here about 2am n you'll ave a gr8 nite if u like dance, r n b etc. Me n my mate got back from kardamena on sunday n had a brill time in Status!!


Bar 1960 is def the best bar in the resort, me and my mate went on the first night and we hooked!!! Had many drunken nights  in there but the atmosphere is great and the music is brill too!  Went in every night (even when really hung over which the staff found quite amusing!!)

The staff are fab!!!! Anna, Alex and Dan, thanks to providing us with all the drink and makin sure we had a great night!!!!
Really missing this bar now  but very very sure we'll be back in the very near future - watch out guys!!!!
After here we usually went onto MAD, which is also a great night!!!!


oh yes!

its nicky :)
i woked in this bar!
i miss eveyone so f**king much!
hey claire hey layla hey anna n everyone else!
costa was an amazin person to work or!
miss all the bar staff v.much n dj stams music!
love you all! xxx

Kate A           

iya had a few boss nights out in this bar, got a few boss memories,with lynne-cassie-tammy-lucy-an stam,stam your boss and a boss dj,defo wanna come back next year.hope to see yous next year,love kate xxxx

Sarah C           

Big hello to cheeky Stam! It's Goa girl Sarah here! haha

Have a great winter with Gym boy. Maybe see you next year....
This is a fab bar people, I never left there sober!

Jeffrey U           


Malcolm E           

 Just got back, great bar and service you couldnt fault !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi to Nicola, layla and the 2 other girls who kept us entertained for a week and never left us without a drink !!!!!!

Steve D           

Hello my friends. i didnt frequent this bar as much as it sounds like i should have, however. I was lucky enough to spend about 3 hours sitting outside the bar on changeover day when all was quiet with an australian PR whos name escapes me. If you are reading this Sheila (sounds about right dunnit??!) then i walked around Kos for a week trying in vain to find you with a bottle of red wine and sum kisses on the neck...wink wink.

Bolton B           

We liked this bar. the music is good and theres always a good environment around with the stone roses bar next door. You have a quick drink here then go up and down bar street have a few drinks there and back down to 1960's again after. anyone will Love IT. We went from 10th Aug till 18th Aug. Anyone remember us email on We were in a group of 5 asian lads.

Aaron J           

Wicked bar...........Wicked staff...........Wicked music.

you've got to go here as part ov your night  just to get the blood flowing before you go out. hello to all the bar staff aswell (aspecially a special worker there)

Chris and ruth P           


Yvonne L           

this is where me and all my lot would start our night off at with those super strong  naughty sex on the beachs and cheeky vimtos made by that sexy little steve (well so all my girls thought anyway) this was one of my faves, the staff were really friendly and they played propa good tunes.xx 

Anji S           

Stam the DJ was at Chilli Peppers last season, top man, top DJ.  


right in the middle of the square with top music and great atmosphere! want to go back now!!!! everyone is really nice and would give this bar 10/10

Amy H           

RnB music which was really good, great location and friendly staff. 

Racheal C           

do not visit this bar if you dont wanna good time,excellant service, music ,atmosphere,

we was in this bar everynight for 2 weeks ,drank enough sambuca 2 fuel the plane home,
dont let george choose the shots,
big hello 2 costas,(very good dancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
all the staff brilliant,
cant wait til september ,we will be back,hopefully sober by then.

David M           

We had a few drinks in here it is right in the middle of kardamena in the square,the bar staff are very friendly the dj played some good music.

Ian D

carl(worker in 1960bar)needs youre help!! he is looking for the fattest and ugliest girls in the uk in his quest to break the record for s**gging the most fatties in a season,.hes not fussy and any girls with low self esteem are welcome,...thank you and have a good summer one and all.

Becky H           

Hiya, cnt really make a comment on anyfink coz i ant bin yet, but was jst wonderin wot kos is like, gd places 2 go etc, goin 24th auguat 2005, well lookin 4ward 2 it, me n my 5 m8s! plz email me plz wiv gd places 2 go 2 get vvvv drunk 4 little money. Btw, were stayin in the seva appartments, wot they like? email me plz.

Cheeky O           

Hi Guys
Just thought i would say hi to evryone who knows/remembers me. I worked at 1960 from beg of May till end of Sept and had an amazing summer!!! Loads of people thought i was Greek and half the time i was too pissed to care!!!! So a great big YASSOO to all the other workers!! I'm heading off to Oz soon so it would be great to hear from some of the Kos crowd!!!! keep me informed with the gossip. Love ya C x


Got back from Kardamena just over a week ago, great bar, good music and Carl and Ian were a good laugh too. Would recommend a visit.

Debbie, Scotland