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George and meg H           

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sunset bar is amazing!! b-unit are so cool and really friendly. everyone should visit them! we really want to be in kos  dj dan is the coolest dj in the whole of kardamena!! hopefully we will be back soon. keep it up guys!  love george and meg xxxxx ps enjoy the barbie ball steve!

Jenny G           

nikos catriona manoli vicky hope u have a great season i'm missin ya loads coz ur such great friends. this is a really friendly fun bar and u have to go in just to learn rude greek words from manoli COLO VAKILO! teehee

hiya to all the other old staff too some i worked with others i proped the bar up with ;)

Iain C           

This is an excellent bar with great music supplied by DJ and owner Nikos. Much much better than the Brothers across the road. Allan and Steve the prs when we were there were excellent and spent time getting to know me and my family they are real cool dudes although they both have their toenails painted (They assured me it was for a joke but I am a bit unsure) There is a great choice of Cocktails. Ashley the waitress is a real looker and very very nice girl who gets on well with everyone she fell in love with my two boys Adam and Reece (Who are really missing you all including Manolis). This is such a cool place and will defo give a warm welcome cant wait to go back next year. Take care you guys and look after yourselves.


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I worked in sunset for a couple of weeks in August and i met the most fantastic people working there.

Hello to all the guys i worked with Alan, Steve, Callum, Nick, Vicky, Michelle, Rachel, Paula and Kyle!
Hope your all okay!

Annie J           

Well hi to anyone who is reading this. Sunset was our little place for the week we were there and wanna say thanks to the great pr's who made us keep coming back!! Cheers nick and ollie! for giving us a fab time!! Sure you are still living it up back there! Cheers again all at the sunset bar!

    Annie J x x x

Michelle R           

well  what can i say sunset is the place to be. i stated work there in june 05 till oct 05. just wanted to say thanks for those who sed nice things about me and i will deffo be there next yr. i met so many top ppl since i been there.

vicky- im in watford now so give me a call and we can go and av sum of ure fave shots. u was a top girl and im glad i met you we ad sum fun remember my bday nite still find that funny now.
ollie- ollie ollie ollie oi oi oi. well ure still livin it up out there so jealous.
allen- well wot can i say u was a f**kin nutter!!!
steve- u g*y boy remember the points steve. well u jst about beat me. ha ha
rach and paula- loved are mornin chats u now frm the nite b4 the was brill every 1 missed u 2 guys wen u went it was well s**t. u 2 was the highlight of the nite with the storys and droppin the drink in status.
danny and cz- u remeber the famous words come in the bar u c***s!!!!!!
nick- u sure ure not g*y haha
and remember guys nxt yr goin 2 be even better newcastle 7th november c u soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!


well i worked for brothers bar. guys all this s**t between the bars is rubbish. i got on really well with the pr's in sunset and it was like wise with them ollie is a legend (even tho i did push him over when he did his handstands lol) will be back next year at brothers for the season hope to see u guys again :)



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Yvonne L           

on our first day in kos me and my mate was tryin to find her hotel when we bumped in to 2 georgeous guys who were ur rep Danny and Caz they told us about ur bar and coz i fancied the pants off of Danny we decided to come along the music was good and the cocktails went down a bit to easy but we were there every night and when i come back in 2006 i'll be paying you a little vist again x x

Chris +           

Had a great time AGAIN,see you all soon guys. 

Tony P           

great bar lovely people not much more i can say realy. i was out in kardamena on the 30 june to the 7 july and i loved it so much im coming back out first or 2nd week in august 05 .

Tony P           

great bar very nice people what eles can i say. 

Paula L           

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Sunset bar - home of The A Team!!! Everyone is really friendly, and you can relax have as much fun as you want and don't get bothered by anyone. The A Team loves Sunset Bar and Karen - we'll be back soon!!!!


what more can i say
come and join us

Dave G           

Has crumble still got the yogi bear song???????????

Dave G           

Crumble and Ollie are ledgends me and all the watford lot all went round their appartment on my bday. 27th aug if ne1 remembers and had a mad one with the laundry bucket/fishbowl!!! sunset is leg

Dave G           

Had a mad time wiv crumble and dancin ollie in august 2004. had my bday out there so got smashed wiv the crew. rememba crumbles yogi bear song and fallin asleep outside everynite loved it.

Jamie B           

yo sunset bar all i can say is f**kin crumble got the party going in here

Matt T           

This was by far the best bar on the Island! All the staff were quality! Nikos, Manilos, Kat, Emily, Emma, Steve and Ollie. Have to admit that it was Kat that us in Sunset in the first place. We went back almost every night. If you go ask to see Manilos's English Phrase Book.....John Wayne?
My mate James, had a thing for Emma, he said he didn't but we know better. And the another mates highlight was going there to hear the DJ play the Yogi Bear song, he loved that!!!
Altogether now...Yogi Bears into whips and Chains do dah do dah!!!!!!!!

Georgina B           

We only found out bout this bar cos the prs were at the elga everyday, one of the best bars, danny de vito will get you laughing so will jamie plus the guys are soooooo fit.

Jamie B           

sorry big shouts to vicky big ron( stop spending 15 euros on mcdonalds u fat b***h) manoli legend, aarrh nikos, danny de vito, jess the kat, adi , and every f**kin one else. love u loads sunset bar. i will be workin here next year again

Jamie B           

yo sunset bar jamo here back in uk. i absolutely loved workin in this bar i do regret leavin now to go and work in memories but it has always been my dream to work for a f**kin moanin b***h called leona. constantly on pmt f**kin smile.
i have to admit colu had the babes workin there i had fukin fangy. big shout out to cheeky d had some good nites out especiaaly the hinds head. and that nite in formby remember actually i dont think u will wen i had to carry you home i nearly broke ma back. and wen big nev told u to sleep in your own room. get out your bared love u cheeky. and ollie mate you are a legend

Dj C           

By far the best bar on the island!!!
Not that im biased at all put the music was f*ckin rockin in Sunset bar!!
big shout to the boys ol, wormhead, de vito and the rest of the crew cheeky d, kat, emily, mel, vik, em, jamie, si n adi...
loved workin out there all summer jockin to keep the music louder n better than brothers!!

Gareth W           

It's just not Brothers Bar is it guys. Thanks to Ian and Steve for the shout outs for me and my bar though. Even with a decent bunch of lads working there we still destroyed you every night, even with 30 mins to 1 hour head start. See you all next year and maybe we can go for a drink in Brothers Bar (THE BEST BAR IN KARDAMENA!!!)

Chris N           

Wow, this bar was amazing. There was a quality PR who worked the Microphone (Ian i think) and and two guys outside who entertained outside. One who did handstands, moved like Michael Jackson and I hate to say it but who the girls loved - Ollie, and the other who looked like Danny Devito and was just plain crazy. The girl staff were incredible fit and the music was whatever you wanted. Overall me and my group (14 in total) had a great time here and always made it our first and sometimes last stop. We were even there when Brothers Bar opposite kept trying to copy everything they did, i.e. the Beckham lookalike who copied everything the dancing guy did....badly!! Hilarious!!