Bars in Kardamena

Donna L          10/10

Had THE best night in Downtown...went there after the usual bar crawl and absolutely loved! I love cheesy music anyway but this place took it to a whole new level - went with some lads we'd met staying at our hotel and the whole lot of us dominated the dance floor - no one else stood a chance!! Would recommend this place to anyone - if you're heading to Kardamena you HAVE to visit Downtown!!!

Mandi S          1/10

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        • Downtown is very nice

Zoe B          10/10

Love Downtown !

Best club in Kardamena and they play all the old cheesy music that everyone loves a good boogie to.
The doorman (Theo) is lovely and always has the time to chat without being sleazy.
I guarantee you'll have a great night if you go !

Becky K          10/10

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one more pic xx

Becky K          10/10

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I love downtown some funny times in there, can't wait to go back next year. shame about the bar staff- only joking. keep in touch jamie, be gd 2 hear frm u-

Becky O          10/10

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hey hey its becky

downtown was wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!loved the cheesey music!!!!!jamie you are sexy!!!!!!!!!stay in touch.

Meggan D          10/10

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hey all , had a brill time in downtown best club every luved the chessy music, oh and the red bull and vodka mmm got sum picz of u all aswell .C u all nxt yr from the scottish girls meggan, pamela,sarahlouise and kirsty  XXxx ps tell big jim im still frightend off him haha!!

Sapphire H          7/10

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Anyone who was in Kardamena Kos at anytime between 27thJune and the 4thJuly...add me on msn would like to keep in touch and swap pictures thanks [x]

Claire S          10/10

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down town is a good club! is plays indie music!! and was one of the ebst clubs by far!!!! miss kos already!!!!! only came back yday!!!

Jordan M           

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downtown was the best eva, i got the hots for the big beasty bouncer at the door hehe, his arms were massive. i remember one nite he caught me doin suthin noity and grabbed me with his big arms fwoa, i no we had a moment there was defo sumthin between us. if i were to go back there it wud be purely becos ov him. 

luv u all my little babies
p.s all u hot guys out there add me on msn and keep in touch at

Mackem B           

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1 hell of a nightclub, the best nightclub on island, pure CHEESE


Always had fun in Downtown!

Julie R           

well thats me home again a second time,nightmare.its so depressing at work,hence the fact im f**king about on the net.sean not even been a week since i left you and miss you heaps already babe.stay in touch and ill see you in a couple of months.dan,keep watchin those good films! freedom!!!!!! and as for james,you special boy ha ha! miss everyone loads,say hi to toni too!!! xxx

Lori C           

 DOWNTOWN! what a mad place to go wen ur wasted to dance along to all the old tunes! ravin it up! wont forget the nites in there with all the scots i met, penguin erector - kieran, barry xx, pete, niel u ole joker! love it! going back again nxt yr, cant wait to get the pics developed now! xxxx

Kerry C           


Cheeese.... love it loads.... coming bk next year!! The old grease megamix!!!!!! Best place, drinks are very very strong.. wooop

Jenny G           

downtown everyones waiting 4 u!! tony, gabes and everyone else thats made it back here hope u have a brilliant season missin ya loads xx

downtown is definitly the hottest place to be
jenny x

Julie R           

hi sean babe! i know you dont really go on this site but hey thought id leave a message for you anyway. just to say hi and miss you loads already!! coming back real soon to see ya all! ill text you no doubt soon anyway. lol! jules xxx

Emma H           

Hi Guys

Gutted to be home, miss ravin it up to the chedder in Downtown! Sean your great love ya to bits, Gaz your wicked and Dan.... well what can we say... your mental and we love it!
You guys are the best, miss you already give us an Email wud be great to here from you!
Emma & Michelle

Jennie N           

hey Dan and sean Remember me its jennie. i Lived next door to u 2  meat heads for a while hope thing's r cool with you lot your prob back in kos so wish you the best if not dop me an email

Holly P           

Loved it here!!!! Best cheesy music!!!! Such a laugh



love downtown, pure cheese and absolute madness.
cant wait to get back 4 sum more!!
any1 in touch wi scottish james?
if there is cud u pass a message on 4 me?
tell im lil marie from newcastle has new mob num and i aint bein ignorant just cant find his num anywhere!! tell im i said soz 4 not gettin ova 2 see im lst year. if hes still speakin 2 us he can ring me on 01768776401. also tell im he's still a scottish t**t!    

Rachael B           

Hello fathead dan, its the one and only dutchess.  hope you are well and shaun you are my little maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!! hope all is well, iv had many social and royal events to attend to so must dash!!!!

Emma H           

Down Town was quality loved it definately the best club, love a bit of cheese!!! Downtown Dan you Soppy Looking mess how are ya??? Hello to Sean to not that any of you remember me ha ha!

Sean D           

how ya people. it is by far the best club in the world,ever to exist. im not sure abuot some of the tracks i decided 2 play tho......pj an duncun???????? my number 4 the bird who wants it is07884225417. oh gaz ur a banditt. true luv 2 downtown, rock on.

Steph F           

everythin is cheesy in dwn town!!!!
 this best club if ya love ya cheesy music it is wicked the had real nice staff n cool prs. dan a luv ya dude! hope you bk to work here next year i no i will be. hope every1 else is ok. see you next year. steph xxxTongueClapLaughSmile