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Kelly B           

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Hey 2 every1 who came into bridge bar this year, me n my friend Jenna worked there from end of may til mid august, 2 scottish girls! Met so many great people over there, and 2 every1 that i worked with..........Love u all! 2 any lucky people who still have there amazing holiday 2 kos 2 look forward 2 pop into bridge bar and say hi 2 every1 for me please! Hopefully be back there working next year and if i am without a doubt ill be back working at bridge bar!!

Shelley M           

hey guyz!!! shelley n kate here!! (essex girls)

we bk in july on the 18th i think! miss u all gemma n sarah - louise top girls!!
i'm comin to work wit u lot for the whole season next year! hope to c u all!!
have to take ur numbers for wen u bk in england!!
jo i'll b seein u shortly to arrange a trial! i won't let u down n wil last all season!!
mis u all want to b bk, weather s**t here!
but u ain't seen the last of us! x mwa x
shelley n kate!!!!! xxxx

Wesley M           

Hi everyone, loved it so much were coming to see you all in may 2006!! Wes + Mel

Heather B           

Hello All,

Heather and Ian here, to Bridgy and crew we will be here very early this year, end of April!! Can't wait to see you all. Hope everyone will be back this season!  
Love ya all lots,
Heather and Ian


Any staff from last year going back can you please contact Joe or Claire

Than You

Heather B           

Hello all,
Heather here, just wondering who will be coming back this summer?  Ian and I are getting ready for an early summer leaving soon to help make the Bridge Bar even more amazing with some fixing up!  If anyone would like anything from the states you can't get a home email me at and we can bring it back with us.
Can't wait for summer!(It is cold as hell here in Wisconsin!!!)

Baz H           

Bridge bar is awsome especially the wet T-shirt comp!!! Besides that one of  a few places that play music after mid-night which is an extra bonus! Went there a few times did'nt remember much about leaving the place tho! The bar staff was top they was'nt shy about giving you free shots all the time i can guarantee that!  The PR's wae really friendly as well! You felt welcome from everyone in there the atmosphere was top! Overall one of the best if not the best place to go in Kardamina!

Me and the rest of the barm pots will be there next year definately! Baz (manc lads)

Adam R           

Bridge bar was cool, went in a few times and really enjoyed it. The staff were amazin especially one of the P.R's. I took a picture of ure boobs if  you remember. If any1 remembers the five Manchester lads email me at

Thomas R           

Bridge Bar, awesome.

Was having second thoughts about returning to Kos, but the memories just from Bridge Bar were enough to convince me back.
Can't wait to catch up with every1 there!

Dan C           

Just a message to everyone at the bridge, Ian, Heather, Jim, Joe and the gang, you really made my summer, Bridge Bar was my second home, in fact probably better off just callin it my first home, spent more time t than in my appartment, From Craft Corner (Ian, Jim (love u jim by the way), BBGun free for all's and the masacre that was the alphabet challenge, i can certainly say it was never a dull moment in the bridge, im praying your all back next year, i think im flying over in april. Miss you all so bad, cant wait to see you again. P.S so sorry i didnt get back round to say goodbye at night, ended up drinkin in the corner, u know what fils like and i completely lost track of time. Take Care Dan (Corner bar)

Heather B           

Hello from the states,

 To everyone that visited the BRIDGE BAR this summer I would like to tell you, all you made it the best summer of our lives!! I can speak for the other staff also everyone that visited made this summer amazing!  To Joe the new owner, you also made this summer one to never forget!!! Big shout out to JIM!!! even though he is on every comment already, jealous Sophie? I got your name in!!!! Thomas, I have a great picture of Dolly and I tell the story of her untimely death all the time! And to the girls Amber and Shantie, the hottest p.r.'s in town can't wait to see you next year, you both made that bar a hoppin place!! Ian and I miss Kardamena already and are looking forward to next season already!!! Anyone needed anything from the states e-mail us THE BRIDGE BAR is TRUELY the BEST BAR in KARDAMENA!!!!!!! BECAUSE of EVERYONE  THAT VISITS US.
Ian and Heather (the guy with the goatie and the girl with the big boobs)


Hey 2 every1 who came to bridge this summer. just got home 2day from kos. had a wkd summer workin there wid every1. Pls leave me a message if u wanna get in touch. sorry to every1 but i lost broke my mobile!!
keep livin the dream guys.
see u nxt year. xxx

Andrea B           

Bridge Bar is the best.... just remember of all the bridge bar cocktails!

This was an excellent summer with a lot of work at porto bello, but we enjoyed all the damn good nights at bridge bar...
every day we were looking forward to all the apple sourz ean put in the fridge for us... *g*
thank you to everybody for this special summer in kardamena... 12 very long weeks, but it was the best time i've ever had!
Thank you, especially to ean, heather and jim!
we all already miss u....

Thomas R           

Just got back home from workin in Kos, worked in a few places but Bridge Bar was undoubtably the best of them all.

Will definetly be back next year.
Thanks to all the guys at the Bridge for making it such a gr8 Summer,
See you next year.


always had a good laugh at this bar. theres a real nice american guy behind the bar during the day and you cant miss going in if only to pull his goat and run out again!! at night time it was always busy as it had a huge patio outside where we used to get pretty drunk. (and meet a group of gorgeuos guys). you never had to ask for anything as there was always a JIM around to get you anything. Hi to everyone here dont remember all your names but will definetly see you soon.


click to enlargeThird time to Kardamena keep going back to the bridge bar new owner Jo is the most uplifting and outragous guy that always gets the crowed goin!!!! if you r going to kardamena u have to check this place out!! the bar staff r great fun and your always bladdered when u leave(if u can find ur hotel!!) hi to the claire, heather ian and the gang! girls check out the pics!!!!!!!!! whey hayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!/rte/laugh.gif

Wes M           

click to enlargewicked bar, dj cookie was a wicked dj!! all the bar staff were exellent (ian,heather,claire,jo and all the prs) were up for a laugh! have the pics to prove it! especially the wet t-shirt competition!! great nite out highly reccomend to everyone going to Kardamena!!!!!


Laura the email address is The address is Bridge Bar, Kardamena, Kos, Dodecanisos, Greece, 85300.

Laura J

Does anyone know the address for Bridge Bar???

Sam M           

Crap since new people taken over boss arrogant pig, come back Nikos all is forgiven.they dont measure up to the likes of Demitris, Chris and Darren one little bit. used to be our regular drinking hole but seeking new venue as far away as possible. Only good thing about it was PR's so only stayed for one drink.

Claire S           

Bridge is the only bar that plays music after 12pm so if you want the clubbing feel with out the prices you have to drink here. Crazy PRs, wicked bar staff, and they set the bar alight! Only here for a week and found the bar on 3rd night and didnt move til went home. Hi to all the staff, especially Joe, Claire and Heather. See you in september! xx


The best bar in Kardamena, Darren is the greatest barman very cool guy. Free shots are the best. Dont go to any other bar

Jules R           

this bar was a good laugh ,bar staff are all nuts and make you drink lethal shots.never left this bar sober,even if we only went in for half an hour!! this bar is also good as it plays music till about 2am as it is soundproof (all other bars music stops at twelve which is pants but they stay open till after three)

Dave G           

Stu is a leg

Jo & sarah            

Liked this bar, really friendly barmen that gave us so many free shots!!! Hi to Nick and Demetris! x