Club 69

Bars in Kardamena

Rebecca B           

 we went2club69,end of august it was all u can drink 4 10euros! we left totally wrecked. if any one goes look out for mason n ben!(ladies men!)

Amz C           

We got absolutly smashed in here, 10 euros 4 a free bar (not fishbowls or alcopops).

Ask for a dr pepper shot. when we was in there, there was a power cut and they didnt have a back up generator so it was a bit dark in there and no music. luvly bar staff (alright lee).
Start the night in here and you will have a great nite
xxx205 girls xxx


What a top place. i thought that when i went on holiday to Kardamena in 2003 and i thought that when i worked for George and Phill in 2004 and i still think it now. The staff (Lou, Paul, Jacko, Rab, Macca, Brian and Lucy) were all top. Never ever worked with a top bunch of people and never ever worked for nice bunch of people.

see you all in summer 2005

Brian M           

Aye good shun ! Phil its Brian if you read this mate give me an e-mail my address is

James and james            

How can you beat Club 69, phil the JD legend, Rab the manager and rest of team

The best worker party memories ever, cheers boys. Hopefully see you both next year

Have a good winter and take care.

J and J

Emma S           

Best Music in the world! this place is fab!

Emma S           


Emma S           

Hiya my fello work friends its EMMA!!!!!!!! hiya brian are you still working there??? hiya to phil and lou and rab and paul!! cant wait to come back out next year, im just at work wishing i was sunbathin at the seva!!! club 69 is quality the best music in the world!!! its abit out the way but i trecked a far few people up there!! love you all!!!

Sarah C           

This is a top club only made it a few times tho as it is so out of the way!
Gotta be on that stage every time. Had to be carried out the last time I was in there due to being rather tipsy oops!


well me and tasha only came in once in june we were both dancin on the bar and we both thought it woz great we love you paul! xxxx

Zahra L           

understated! evry1 on hols in kardamena that gets fed up of the rnb, hiphop scene should head here for a breath of funky fresh air. may not be rammed but the music and atmosphere makes up 4it. awesome workers parties!