Bars in Kardamena

Tracy B

i have not been to kos since 1999.
me , my  twin sister  tina  ,,uncle john etc would go clubbing in flamingos with the guys from the 2 johnnys bar staff  etc.
loved the club plus the staff at cleopatra  hotel.
rip jimmy (the hotels bar manger) 11 years  ago that he died this week.
tracy xxx


it just  a shame that this club isnt in a beta spot coz we went in a few times and it was a bit dead but we had such a great time in there.   we put the disapointment of only a few ppl been there by makin some right racket in there.  a big thumbs up. wil defo b in there nxt time out there.

leeds lads (22/6/05-7/7/05)

Dj C           

hi gemma, its jay! i lost all my numbers before i went!!! my email is jamierwrighton@yahoo.com! could you get in contact


Hi DJ Charlie and Jay hows it going?? u used to being back yet?
get in touch
luv roomie and gemma x

have you got out of bed yet jay?????? hehe

Nicky W           

The place to be, the top barman in yianni and dj pies who'll be greatly missed this year ( go the palace)Cheesy music into the wee hours comes highly recommended

James R           

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese...what more do you want.

Gizmo, do you remember this place?

Andy F           

Reminded me of a cheap version of chicago Rock - very cheesy, but a good laugh all round.


friendly atmosphere dj pies great choice of cheesy having a laugh music a great night out for everyone

Keith A           

second time i have been to kos rememberd flamingoes for the great music and women .... maximum enjoyment minimum effort !!

Nick R           

hi, im nick reynolds, this bar was ace for meeting new lads, its just my cup of tea if u know wot i mean, i reccomend it to any g*y ladz cuz ur guarranteed to get some sex!!!!!

Matt C           

After A free bar from 7 til 11 we were absolutely wrecked BIG UP BIG UP to Dj pies the geezer on the wheels of steel. c u 2003 sorry couldnt mek it to skegy in november.

Michael B

Does anyone have the number for hello bar? Cheers!

Emma N           

Flamingoes is a good place to go if you're looking for a nightclub in the centre of town. Although it's near Zoom and Sugar, this one was my favourite. The music was a bit loud one night because we couldn't hear ourselves speak, but another night it was at a more comfortable level and it was full of people having a great time! Check it out.

Rex B           

Rex didn't make it here but I had reports that it was a bit quiet on the night we went there. Ed got a turn on the decks and mixed some 'phat choons' so all was not lost.

Michaela P           

OH my god flamingos is heavy! (northampton talk for good!) there's totty evertwhere you look which is all good trust me! The musics wiked and the drinks are all good!