Bars in Kardamena

Abbie L          10/10

Loved crackers!! such a good vibe and everyone's so lovely and friendly, will definitely be going back next year!! recommend to everyone x

Nicola N

click to enlargeloved crackers never made it to any other bars haha defo goin bk next year :)

Andy S

Is crackers still open? cant find website! wanna get in touch with louie. cheers, smiffy

Graeme S          10/10

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Jus got back bk from a week of madness in Kos, speacial thanks to Louis the Yank Kopite, AL, an all girls - who made are week (you know who ya are  ) lol. finished off with a belter ov a last nite in Status then to Sava. Nice one for everythin you guys are the Dogs Bollocks lol. See ya in Aug for round 2. Scousers on Tour. ps this is from the Blue side!!!!!! 

Cindy B          8/10

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What a fantastic holiday we had, the music was banging and we really let our hair down. Nice to see Loui and Jay, you cheeky monkeys ! You really had us hammered on that 1st night with the fishbowl, and the second, and so on ! what are you like ! All was great besides the fatty with the big corgette nose who looked like some kind of troll with his big chin ! Only joking Butch ! Your gawgous really !

thanks guys, we will be back next year, even if Mr 4 and a half inch willy is still there !

Meggan D          10/10

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Hey  its HOW NOW BROON COO lol  just to let u know we all had a great time  cant wait to get bk nxt yr got sum picz of u all, you's will b glad to know    can't wait to get another refresher  down my neck ha anyway c u all soon from meggan,kirsty pamela and sarah-louise  XXXx

Faye P          10/10

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hey butch.... its natelle, anna and faye!!!! we're majorly depressed, we need to be back in crackers immediately!!! however do not worry, we're defo coming back nxt may to fill in any job vacancies, so don't bother with the staff wanted sign.


Esther B          10/10

Crackers was brilliant, i especially loved the chanting songs when it got to midnight! Such as "aloetta" and "lady in red" they were brilliant! we even got j and butch to chant them by the pool for us! we've brought those chants back to england with us! we'll defo be back in there next year its a great bar!

Martin M          10/10

 smile crackers is the s**t!! me n thrapston boys were there every night! music and atmosphere are superb and all the staff r totaly blinding! the three girls there at the minute r totaly gorgeous and how could not fall in love with em! butch is a totaly legend as well.... and cheap drinks! quality!!!

Danny M          1/10

A huge hello to all the guys and girls at Crackers , we had a great holiday , once again and it was a pleasure to meet the girls from Bristol also whom we would sup brilliant fishbowls with at the bar.  Thanks to the rest of the guys, we will be back next year when hopefully you will have demoted the bar man to toilet duties. To the Bristol girls we are having it large in Goa at the moment and its wicked man, we should be back in kent this time next week .

Carly           10/10

me and my mate emma have only jus come back off holiday in kardamena, if your remember us butch, alan and chris and everyone else it woz pye n carly, i was the raver that was always dancing to masters at work with my broom that butch gave me! it was a quality bar in there the atmosphere was fantastic and we went there every night becasue it was amazing also because you were all fine especailly chris and butch who i didnt get 2 say bye 2 sorry guys!!! thanks for a realli gud time there, i have some ace pics 2 put on here wen they develop. we are defo c*min back next year to kardamena so see you same time next year!!! xxx


does anybody know if andy the greek barman is still working here,have not been to kos since 2005 but going in 2007.

Hana & nic            

crackers....wicked place to go, great staff especially the world's sexiest pr & barman!  jay i did notice my drinks getting stronger! thanks 4 the t-shirts butchos! haha

see you guys in a week......
love han & nic

Victoria B           

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Just wanted to say that CRACKERS is the best bar on the resort of Kardamena.  Butch and J you wre both fantastic at your jobs and were both buzzing when you worked together.

It was a great atmosphere in the bar and you 2 just made it even better
We will be abck next year dont you worry.
Love Vic

Kim L           

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Just got back from hols....crackers most def made our girls holiday one to remember! Wicked bar spent nearly every night in there...rem a shot of butch please!! Guys your wicked...will always rem the fun in the bar and at the elga pool!! T.Shirt will always be an extra memory plus the CD is brill butch...thanks so much for makin it up for us.  Your be seein us nxt year for sure

Take Care to all u guys...lova ya lots
Love the C4 girls x x x x x

Amz C           

We loved it. Our pool barman chris  told us to get there and told us off when we didnt so we went there (when smashed) and had more shots.

It was well friendly in there and we was rembered by staff even tho we was only in there 10mins!!
Go in and ask chris for a sutton girls cocktail it is great
*amy shell tina n mariead* 205 xxx

Georgina B           

Crackers is by far the best bar in kos!!!!!!!!  Me and my mate stacey were there every night.  Butch have you got any more songs yet?  Alan, thought you were gonna come surprise me where were you?  Cant beleive my 2 weeks went so fast. Miss all you guys Cant wait till next year

Kelly H           

Hi I am kelly and I have only just got back from my hol's in Kos, me Hannah, Gemma, and Suzy loved and it... I have holiday blues already.... butch we miss you millions!!! Miss crackers and miss you working at elga! Will put some pic's up once I have them developed!
HEY you never got to stitch me up... YES !!!
Mine will be a hopstotch please Butch!

Katie A           

We love crackers! we didnt know it existed on our first holiday.....but Alan ledgend guy who works there now used to work in red bar in bar thats why we weent, to jump on him he he hadnt seen me n shell in bout 8 weeks thought we would suprise him!

But crackers is wicked...the bar guys are nuts they lump around and danc ebehing the bar all night...wicked drinks really great guys! and alan ya jus a top guy ..hes shaved his hair lol hes completelt bald..but ya jus gotta love him!
kate n shellclick to enlarge
alan on the right with the red bar lads .
ryan,mark ,alan ( with hair lol)

Holly A           

 yaisou loui,dilli, alan, leah, butch and jay!
best bar in kardamena, best people there! 
fantastic atomosphere, easy tiger on the dogs bollocks,  if already had  a few!
hope all is ok?
we will be back for more! tongue
love crazy laydez  xxx
holly & emily (crackers tops)

Nikki H           

definatly the best bar in kardamena,wiv probably the best bar staff n sexiest pr in the world! j's fire breathin fing is definatly not 2b missed along wiv the dont stop me now dance,funniest fing ever!! luv u all n c u again in august, cant wait!!!!!!

George H           


The bar staff were amazing and so so friendly; the music was always ace even when the DJ would play the all time classic Ghostbusters theme tune!!!

We would all definately go back, i loved it so much i even bought the T-Shirt, literally!
When your there ask them about Big Al and his Scottish mates lol
P.S The Dogs B*llocks is the best cocktail on the planet...from the little i can remember at least!click to enlarge

Gemma H           

hi there to butch and jay and the rest of you in crackers!

Thanks for a great time, lots of laughs and your day time entertainment at the pool! Laugh
shame we only found your bar on the fourth night!
 c u in amsterdam if not c u in kos next year!Pissed
love from Gem, Leah, Niomi & Lou. xxx

Eve T           

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What can I say!!!!  Absolutely fab fab fab!!! 

A big thank you to all the Crackers Crew, they really made our holiday experience amazing!  Considering we went out the 1st week of the season, we had the best time and far better than our initial expectations.
The boys really did us proud and I am sure we provided them with a little entertainment too, if any of the guys read this (Jay, Butch, Chris, Dan, Danny and not forgetting Louis) I am sure that Lou's Baywatch never failed to amuse! 
For any of you reading this you MUST give Crackers a go cos if you don't then you are missing out people!
We were loving all the cocktails that were on offer and I must say that if you are looking for a colourful evening then give the "dogs bollox" a try, from what I remember of that evening I certainly enjoyed myself after a couple of those! 
Again, thank you Crackers for the great time you gave us!  Big love  xxx  Evey  xxx