Bars in Kardamena

Gareth W

Best place ecer to drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gemma gaz here ( want my sunglasses) will back out on next flight i casn get lol
added ya facebook,
matese love pic too (u no wat 1 on about)


simply the best..

Ben E           

suuuper marois.............suuuper marois..........suuuuper marois.............suuuuper marios     super marois hey!!! ha ha u slags! (danielle u know im talkin to you!)

hello to all  my peeps at marios! this is captain  speakin!
have u missed me? 
girls iv lost all ur number s and i dont no how to get in touch, leave me an email address or sumink so we can go for a p**s up in nottingham  (on a fiva) ha ha!
 how has everyone bin, miss u all s**tloads! back out on the first flight i can!
u let me down big time by leavin so early girls u should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!
p.s wots my song dan? u big lesbian!!!! ha ha

Laura A           

yo peeps! i went to kos in august 2005 n it was immense! luvved evry second of it. me n 11 ova ppl r c*min owt again next year on 1st july, one day afta our last a level exam! gonna get absolutely creased every nyt, n eat  loadsa gyros. sex in a chicken wrap that is like.
y is there no thingsfor mad club on here?!!!!!! it was my fave club n totty was defaz on par like.
just total lookin 4 wad to doin everything next yar like, from buying spongebob balloons to losing ma shooz in the foam at starlight.
best bars were two johnnies, marios, stone roses, the rok ( 4 getin maaaaaaaaaartal n goin for a drunken paddle in the sea in the early hours ov the mornin), poison. best clubs were mad n status. i absolutely bott mad club to the highest, best music and totty on the island.
anyone goin 2 kos next year, u'z will propa luv it! everything there is just mint n u'z will have the best hol eva!
luv addo xx 

Danielle M           

Hello Marios crew!

At the end of the day Marios is the best bar to work for on the island especially being absolutely malakered every night- yes i mean you Heather - you are awesome! Still haven't quite recovered from the night in sugar, lol!

I had a wicked time with all you guys and am missing you loads now. Ben i heard your song in a club in Nottingham the other day - had to ring farah to share my excitement.!


Charlie B           

Heather my love!
Go girl...behind the bar of Marios ALL season!! You are a star!!
Love you & miss you sooo much! Roll on 2006...I can't stand it here anymore!
Also big hugs to Ben & Tommy!! Love you guys!!
Charlie xxx
***The girl who wants to get in touch with Tommy...pop yer e-mail address on here & I shall pass it on for you!***

Lucy J           

mario's bar is the BEST BAR on the island, me and 6 other girls use to go to this bar every night to get a fish bowl, we had sex on the beach in it every night, all the staff were great especially Adam and katy, i hope you guy's are both out there next year because we are coming back and it wouldn't be the same without you!!!!!!!!!!! see you next year

Lots of love
lucy and the essex girl's

Laura A           

yo its laura addo here! i went to kos in august 2005 n it was amazin! everyone there was total mint n really friendly. had the best holiday eva there like, gonna book up to go next year wif ma mates again, shud dbe immense like. sebastian from london who's coming to study at northumbria uni, u remember me/ girl wif da nose ring? lol n the workers at marios were lovely. especially tommy! u betta e mail me back u bugga! u made an awesome pr like wif ya dot cotton impressions. lol
cant wait to go there next year, n tristan from two johnnies, we miss you 2! you were propa lovely what wif ya hairband n all! haha
thanx 2 everyone who made our holiday a wicked one, especially all the really fit lads who went to the mad club, was the best club there i rekon, was in ma element wen madness came on! skank it up man!
cheers luv addo from newcastle xxxxx

Scott N           

Marios is a great bar with friendly staff. We went there nearly every night when possible.

Be careful if your getting a liquid cocaine fish bowl - I ended up in the sea.

Helen B           

goldfish bowl!!!!!!!! try hairy green monkey!!!!!!!!

Kate G           

ahhhh.... Mr Snowball.... what more can I say....... *sigh*


Rosh N           

We loved this bar, adam was wicked even thought he tried to throw me in the sea!!!! this bar got me wasted every night but so many of my best memories are here!!!!! missing you all, love the covenrty girls!!!!


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marios always a pleasure never a chore! lovely to meet all the new staff as well as the familiar faces! your all diamonds! as for that give him one, wheeeeeey (love ya and see ya soon!) xxxx

Danny V           

Dave, sorry to let you know this way but my donkey's no longer for sale. Although the offer of your wife and 3 kids was a tempting 1.

Christina G           

Hey Gary

How you doin? Yes - I remember you!!!

Am back home now and back to reality and on a complete de-tox.

Hope you and Anthony are well.

P.S. Sorry bout the Jordan book!!

Gary P           


Remember me? was there when the football was on, you stole my Jordan book!!!!

Oh and a great bar by the way!


Huddersfield G           

we tried to steal a fishbowl and got caught! sorry guys but you did give it to us for free in the end, ill never know how that happened!!!

good atmosphere defo going back again next year...oh thanx for the shot glasses too!!

starlight massive

Chrissi G           

Hi there! I have just returned from working in Kardamena for three months - an of course I will be bias by saying the Marios' is fannnntastico!!!!!! They do the best fish bowls on the whole island and I can seriously say that they get you completely steaming......

I should know - I was steaming for three months due to their leathal measurements.

Girls definately try this bar out...It's one not to miss. All the staff are fantastic "an guys if you r reading this - I miss u all so so much!".


Me and my girfriends will be out there on the 8th Sept, and wondered where your bar was? I've been to Kos before and know of the Kings Arms - are you near to there?

Thanks - see you next week x

Bradley R           


Sophie M           

Marios was the best bar in kardemena by far. Went there every night for our daily serving of fish bowl. Playing the best old skool garage, bringing back the memories. Great barstaff including craig davids pet KEZ from bo selecta! But the toilets were rank! And you get some right dirrrrrrrrrrty slags in there lol. if u were there from 9th jul - 22nd jul get in contact!

Michael S           

Just this minute arived back from kos and thought i'd post a message about mario's bar! what can i say.... well what a bar! the best bar in the whole of kardamena and better than any bar we went to in kavos last year.

if u behave and speak nicely to matt the barman he may well shutt the shutters and lock the doors and keep u there all night like he did to us! if u read this matt then ur a top bloke and made our holiday.

the fishbowls are amzing sixteen of us started a 130 euro one and five of us were left standing when it was finished!

Best of luck to Marios and all the staff, The Bristol Boys!

Emma M           

Hi hamster

Janine would just like to say thanks for letting her use your toilet at the beach party (even though she already said thankyou in other ways).
Anyway, beach party was great, thanks alot, sorry we never came into marios, but im sure its a great bar!!
say hi to captain and stuart (if he's still alive!)
luvs n hugs, emma, kirty n janine (dirtbag)


Hello to everyone at Mario's im back home now and missing you all already - thanks for a great holiday yet again and ill see you all in september when Clare and I return for Kardamena 2004 mark 3

Luv you all


Emma D           

Does anyone know the Hamster? (aka Chris from Houslow??)
Still thinking of you and am really sorry for not saying goodbye x
Would love to hear from you. Get in touch gorgeousx
Loads of lurve Emma the lap dancer xx