Just Blue

Bars in Kardamena

Guy G

2 cocks 4 shots ! loved this place ! guy, chris n, chris c, matty, simbad and mark

Sian R          10/10

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Piss ed up James and Justin (NOT) Timberlake have got to have a mention, if I heard James say 'ave i got an amazing deal for U' to every passer by again it could'nt be to soon - thanks for the memories lads you are ace.

Alexia E

just blue woz by far the best bar in kardamena, went every nite 4 2 wks!!!! bar staff were wicked, simon u were fit as missin seein ur friendly faces already an only left last nite!! wil hopefully be back in sept


wicked bar love da barman see u next year x

Jo O           

Had an amazing month working here. Big hi to everyone who worked there-Charlie, Holly, Kurt, Jane, Jenny, Jay, Terry  and Tony. see you all next year take care x

Gareth A           

We visited the bar every night..... It was excellent

It also can boast to having the best 2 PR's on the island Sharyn & Kirsty... They are excellent, They really made our holiday
Missing U already....C U next year
Lv Gareth

Lisa-marie K           

Wicked cocktails & loved the 4 free shots you got with them too!!

All the girls were lovely who worked there! We visited at least 7 nights of our holiday!

See you next year!!

Claire P           

Brilliant  bar hi to my buddies Jo Erin & Katie miss you guys 4 free shots check it out


Ash you faggot! Its James & James from Status
If you read this get in touch! Never got your english number

Jenna G           

hey ashley if you read this its jenna, had my handbag stolen so i have no phone and i
no longer have your number!!!! email me cheeksiejenn@hotmail.com

Claire B           

Just got bk from kos and what can i say if you ever go kos make sure u visit just blue bar coz its wicked we went there every nite the music,drinks,staff and atmosphere was the nuts. A big shout out to the dj jaye for making me and my mates a cd i haven't stop playing it. Hopefully we'll b back next year coz we miss u just blue!!

Natalie C           

This was our favourite bar in Kardamena! The staff were so friendly and a right laugh! DJ Jaye played top tunes and thanks very much for our cd, absolutely wicked! The English version of Sex on the Beach is no way near as good as Nick's the bar manager, it's a shame to be back home! Hope to see you next year x

Sharon H           

The Hoddesdon girls were in Just Blue every night & we loved it. Jay your honey that CD is wicked.Must check out Just Blue for defo

Laura W           

this bar was good,the dj was the dj from STATUS so there was always good music playing but it always seemed to be empty.we met asher d there however and he loved the bar (probably because of the beautiful mikayla waitressing). mark the pr was cool and the owner nikos was really sweet shoutin my mates all free sambuccas. good but a bit quiet.


My ratings below should be:


Absolutley love this bar, Jaye is a star!! Gonna be going back in 2weeks for our 4th visit in 2years!!! Cant wait!

Martyn J           

the just blue bar was good and the staff was better mekaler was the best and if you meat her ask here waht 10 times 4 is she will tell you whare to go but it is good fun

Sarah D           

What can say about Just Blue? That it was a fantastic bar, fab drinks, but what made it so good was the lovely Ashely! "Hey Ashely its Sarah, aka, 'the Fussy one!'" The Welsh girls loved it here! Ashely, good luck in your next Greek island that you were off to. We hope to see you again, love the valley girls!xx

James M           

This bar is amazing! The staff are great we love you all had such a wicked time, sorry I didn't take the job, but maybe next year?! Can't believe Ashlee and Gemma left but every1 else still rocks, u know who you are! Who else would pick me up off the floor every night! Love James, Maria, Stef, Soph, Jen x

Louise J           

Hey all! Another Valley girl here agreeing 100% with Miss Morgan (kinky Kaylz) this bar was great, Cocktails were lush and music got us well in the mood! Ashley was great (stunning also as an added bonus) Can't wait to go back - loved it there! Well worth a visit - even if only to scope out the talent!!!
Hope to return soon!!!!! Luv the cutchy Valley girl aka luscious lolz x

Kayleigh M           


The S           

I just wanna say that Just Blue was absolutely amazin! It was the first bar we went to every night and we enjoyed dancin along to the music! Everyone that worked there was really nice so a big hello to all of them! and a special big hello to the dj! haha C u all next year if u are still workin there

Debbie H           

Hiya, well i gota say i loved this bar but the main reason i kept going there was cus i fancied the pants off stuart....ha and i got wiv him! hi to everyone who works at the bar and keep up the good work! love ya all xx


Music was great and staff really friendly! only problem was the one time we went in we were the only people in there so didnt pop in again! should have done though but it was right near the end of our holiday when we went in!

Alison D           

Stuart u let Hannah fail her mission were all very disappointed but nevertheless n Ashley thanks for actually acknowledging us at the kool pool we love u all chrissie, melissa, francesca Xx