Crazy Horse

Bars in Kardamena

Louise M           

The Crazy Horse was great! Gorgeous Craig from Livingston...he was lovely and always reminded me of Fed from Big Brother! The Um Bongo was fabulous, and we'll be back for more of the same in July!!!

Gareth A           

This has got to be one of the best bars on the island, even though i would say that coz i got with one of the PRs. If u are going over there tell sexy rosie from leeds that gaz from birmingham loves her and she is sure to give u a free drink. crazy horse gang, we salute you! oiski boiski!

Marine O           

Crazy horse is a complete ruff 1, always plenty of girls in there. Elvis ......enuff said this the geeza is a god! let him light the bar up then down another aftershock! the PRs a sound too! gill she funny and rosie well i know someone who will be pineing 4 her 4a long time to come! crazy time over n out we salute you!

Amanda S           

crazy horse is the place to be this summer it has everything you want, from cheap drink to a crazy man who likes to call himself ELVIS. The staff make the bar what it is especialy elvis who runs the bar he's slightly insane but you've gotta love him. the two waitresses rach n toyha are really nice girls and very attractive too if your a red blooded man. the bar staff are great too and you cant forget good old jill the pr girl who stands outside just waiting for someone to actualy stop and listen to her, aw bless!
Anyway if its fun you want then crazy horse is the place to go coz once you've been once you wont want to leave.
oh yea make elvis happy play the dice game but be warned its leathal!
if anyone des go please say hi to all the staff and tell them im back out in august.
from mandy the one what did what she drank!