Sugar Nightclub

Bars in Kardamena

Steph F           

i had some pretty wicked nights in thsi club. me, jenna, ma sexy,g n who ever else came wit us. we mostly went after work n it was wicked good atmosphere and gr8 music played by alex, hope you are ok hun.  well see ya next year luv ya all.Tongue

Amy H           

W e went becuase the girls we were away with loved it last year, its ok the dj Alex was pretty good and friendly snmd so were the other staff and PRs (Daffy, Glenn, and a couple od others i cant remember!) Only prob is it was never busy!

Jack W           

Empty just us and bar staff, yawn. Dont bother - zoom next door 100% better


We were in Sugar everynight, and loved it everytime! I've read a few nasty reviews
about it...that simply are not true. The club plays amazing music, the prices are fair
and sexy Phil behind the bar really knows how to kiss! And just a stone-throw from
the coolest joint in town...The Rok. Sugar was fab!! BTW (Phil)...they were black; ;-)

Kassie C           

Had a laff in here everynight we went in, or stayed talkin at the door!!!
Ad its me :D :P remember....... thanks for looking out for trying to keep my mum away!! hahaaa!!!!!
hope to see you next year!
If you read this..........keep intouch !!
love kassie xx

Laura H           

can anyone tell me where abouts sugar club is? went to kardemena last year for a couple of weeks and are going back next week but we have no idea where it was or if indeed we went to it!!!!

Kiran K           

I had a great time in Kardamena mainly due to this great club. Loved the cappuccino shots that Ben and Adam very patiently made for us. Erikka was a babe itís a shame I'm not a bloke otherwise I would have loved her. Music was great even if Mr Greek DJ didnít play some of the songs I requested. Darren with the 7 piercings was very cool if a bit enthusiastic. And everyone had tattoos which for me is always cool. Canít wait until I go back next year, maybe I could even get a job there if Iím lucky. Love to all at sugars!!


just got back from kardemena. went in sugar a few times and it was quite good from what i can remember. they kept givin me free shots and makin me drink tones. i think it was coz me and my mates were the only half good lookin people in there and the only ones dancin. te he . i was totaly s**t faced at the end of the night

Malc W           

Hi malc here, sorry not coming out this year, had a wicked time there at the end of the season. Love to Farcher and bobby. See ya in october. E mail me phil or bobby on

Kos G           

its all about sugar. Best music on island and the friendliest staff.

Jadey G           

Sugar was the best nightclub on the island....especially cos it was 2 seconds away from the all night, 24r bar, The Rok ! Alcohol served all night,even when the sun was arisin in the sky !!! C'MOOOONNN !!

Jadey G    say that this nightclub didn't even exist on this site til 2 days ago, I'm impressed that anyone has been on to mention how fab it was !!!! Michelle - know who you are but you may struggle to remember who I am....I was part of the Sugar crew who were always gettin pissed with the Jameses and Dre in August !!! However, loved workin in Sugar, can't wait to go back next year !!!!! Yianni will be sorely missed !!!! YOU DOSS CANT !!! PS - Pete is one sexy ba"!$rd!


ok so it had a slow start to the season but those that were there till the end cannot deny it was rocking big time. The music was better , the lighting was better and with the handsome Dr Dre and Funky phil behind the bar, Froggy dancing on the bar and me , lou and my mum busting a groove on the dance floor SUGAR was THE place to be. For those of you that were there, it was a pleasure.