Bars in Kardamena

H20 M           

we lived near here at one point-thank god i moved, this end of the strip was so poor and the sportsman summed it all up. sorry but still...went in there to watch footy and got some small tv and foriegn commentary

should've been renamed to the un-sportsman bar

Louise M           

The Sportsman was our local, started there every night! Dan was very fit (cute back!) Dave was a trier (looking forward to seeing how THAT picture turns out, Dave!!) and Adam was our personal fan which was much appreciated in the heat!! Love you boys, see you all again soon when we come for our night out with you in Leeds!! xx


just av to say that i loved this place. i made a bunch ov wicked mates here, not to mention the quality lookin lass margret who worked there. that was back in 2002 i was only 15 at the time and had the time ov me life, would go back anyday. paul

Gav S           

all i can say is "seven of diamonds"

you know who you are!

Mark S           

think its laura hyrons who left you the message below

Mark S           

hello to you all at the sportsman from mark(tottenham) u remember the bird puller. how are you all darren malcom and the sexy london bargirl. ive got sum mad pictures from when me and shane were there. say hello to alfie the pr man as we called him. were coming back next year...........................
darren if u dont remember me im the slim tanned one with the scar on me tum and s**gged the bird you did plus her mate........remember(laura/emily)

Laura H           

Just want to say hi to Darren! Also hi to malc and Yannis thanks for the fags and lighter!
Darren contact me on, Miss you! and would love to hear from you!

Tim H           

A big "hello" to Malc,Yannis,Makis,Big Al,and anybody else working at The Sportsman,the best bar to start,finish and spend the middle bit in.The friendliest staff,the best and cheapest drinks,the best place for bike hire(MAKIS),and the best place to get laid!Why go anywhere else,it`s like "ALL INCLUSIVE"but they let you out!!!....... (When the sun comes up).(OH,and you can watch sport if you like) Take Care: Tim,Vick,Lee Clare(Where`s the T-Shirt?)

Rachel H           

Sportsman was our local, lovely fellas worked there and me and my lad used to drink there first every night.Remember Rachel & Mark from the Phillipos apartments any1? Sportsman is top class to start and end the night with