Hooties Cafe Bar

Bars in Kardamena


Sunday dinners - a fantastic touch!  THE FINEST....everyone should try them 

Steph F           

hey to the hooties gang hope you all ok miss your food it was the best, love lots xxxxSmile

Pete B           

just a quick note,the correct website address is www.kefalos-tourism.com/hootiessnackbar.htm thanks....pete.

Pete B           

re:mark webb,hooties is about 10yrds from banana beach and for more info please go to the following website www.kefalos-tourism.com/hootiessnackbar.htm.if you would like,you can ring me on 00306936444339 so i can send you a dvd of the bar.thanks............pete.

Jennifer M           

re:pat skinner

yes hooties is for sale, for more information contact pete on:00306936444339
www.kos-portal.com type in hooties for more information on the sale.

J D           

Pedro Shun, please see ultra comments.

Well what can i say about this bar - one of my best mates owns it! He is undoubtly  one of the best PR's on the strip and i challenge any1 that says different. If you want to party then hell no H2O is the place to be seen.

Gonna tryin come over Yans last month to see ya's son.

Give me an e-mail on jd070382@hotmail.co.uk as i have lost both ur e-mails.

miss ya boys  Johnny

Joe T           

nearly forgot alright big bollocks [BUTCH]

Joe T           

alright u scouse monkeys.hows tricks?joe ur old neighbour here hope all is ok.hows terry and his bb guns haha.should c u all soon.miss u all.joe the dozy manc.[racheals words not mine]

Kelly S           

If you are up for a laugh and great food and you are goin to kardamena make sure you go to hooties, they are all scouse nutcases ha ha ha. the best food on the island and they are dead friendly to.

Rachel A           

If your looking for a good place to, and get 100% english food, go to hooties, all the staff are friendly they really make you feel welcome.
As for instince on a full english they put 2 rashes of english bacon, 2 english sausage,2 eggs, hienz beans, plum toms, 2 toast or 2 fried bread, plus tea, coffee, or a oj.
I found them half way though my holiday i only wish i could of found them earlier, if you are going to kos it is a must.

Alexander & janet            

Hooties is great - food is amazing and its just like being back at home!

We discovered Hooties about half way through our second week in Kardamena and only wish we had found it at the start!

The breakfasts were absolutely superb (thanks to Anne-marie's great cooking)and big thanks to Pete for the Blue WKD T-shirts!

Overall, fantastic place and we'll definitely make sure that we come back again!!

Alexander & Janet (Harthill)

Janette A           

Hi guys how you all doing!!!! well back in sunny england!!!!!
first time in kardamena???? well if you dont give this place a try well, "how rude". the foods great, dippy eggs and a loaf of soilders in the morning keeps those dreaded hangovers away and spicey chicken wrap was a favorite we asked for spice and we got it.
dare anyone to take the winky woo challenge, you will see we tried it three times and still live to tell the tail!!!! have to say those nights where a blur take a look at the photos when you visit i'm sure you will agree!
will have to go booking my next flight out :-)
love you all and hope to see you all soon (Anne-marie & Pete - some bloody great nights out, little Tez - nutcase and all butches influence, ha ha, Rach a diamond, Seb - my polish and greek is getting no better, but your a star trying to teach me and last but not least Butch well what can i say apart from "toast with no bread" ha ha )

keep your paws off my donkey as it bites, make sure you give this place a visit!!!

dizzy ding a ling girls
(aka fishnet - janette official dizzy bird,dizzy 2 - millie, dizzy 3 - emma and not so keano - paul)

Chris P           

Hey hooties its chris and donna here.....i said i get something on the net and look i done it!!!!!Well i just want say anyone who is going to kardamena and not to keen on greek food...GO TO HOOTIES..My god ann marie can cook some real english grub and Pete,rachael and little terry will make you feel welcome and entertained...(butch hello bud)WELL IM TELLING ALL YOU VISITORS GO TOO HOOTIES AND JUST SAY DONNA AND CHRIS SENT YA...IT WOULD MAKE THERE DAY....ANYWAY THANKS HOOTIES AND I NEED TO GO TO THE GYM NOW AND WORK OFF THEM LAMB CHOPS.........................................CHRIS AND DONNA

Me M           

The only decent Full English Brekkie on the island! a must to get over your hangover!

Betty *           

Went to hooties for brekkie and tea a few times. Food is fab and cooked just like your mum does it!!! Anne Marie is truly a fab cook adn Rachel is adorable - see ya soon guys xx

Celeste E           

Hiya Pete & Eddie - hope your'e all well, we said we'd e-mail & tell everyone how great Hooties is - if anyone goes to Kardamena find Hooties - its the best place for proper English bacon & sausage, mmmmm delicious, the company wasn't bad either!! How's your knicker collection going?? We'll leave you sum next time we come over, hopefully next year!! Missin you, lots of luv Celeste, Gemma & Lesley from Stafford xxx


go to go here for your breakfast serves the best one on the island full engish without the greace very freindly people too if you go say hi from the wigan lot.