The Rok

Bars in Kardamena

Jeremy W          10/10

10000000000000 and more  out of 10000000000000 and more

food was : excellent
drink was : excellent
alkohol well i dident have any =p but my dad and booby  like drunk the bar out =]
staff was: excellent
music was : excellent


aww and sorry booby for the hole in shuger's wall =[

loves you all

see you in 2009 i ent comeing this year

Jen O          9/10

The Rok in Kardamena is the place to be!

Spent pretty much every night here - definitely recommend it. The staff are great - Juicy Lucy, Becky, Matt & Carl woooo
Carl's fire breathing at night is great to watch.
The drinks are more expensive than anywhere else, but the view is just beautiful.

Connie S          10/10

I've been Kos a few times and the Rok bar is DEAFO the place to be. I could live there! The people are amazing and remembered me when i came back. I wish i could spend everyday there! ahhh Cant wait to go back, going twice this year!!!!!! I miss bobbyyyy LOL

Scott F          10/10

Have to admit The Rok bar really is a fantastic place, great to watch the sun come up and really cool staff.
Big shout out to Billy, Bob (aka Tom Jones) and Gill who made me and the missus get so drunk on many occasions. I think that was down to the stupid amounts of Ouzo we were drinking at the time. Looking forward to seeing them next year.


Went over last week with friend lauren!!  spent 90 % of our time sitting outside under the parasols!!!  Day and night...  Really great atmosphere, i'm sure bobby was on a mission to get us all drunk, drunk, drunk!  hi to alex and gill.


Jenny G           

BA BABA BAAAA I'M ROKIN IT! u have not done kardamana till u have watched the sunrise at the rok. hope u av a great season gill if u made it back over i'm missin it like crazy so who no i might pop over as a terror wrist n pay ya a visit xx

Sam G           

a massive shout out to the Rok bar right next to the beach. make sure every1 who reads this goes there at about half 5 and sit there to watch the sun come up over that mountain hill thing! lol

big shout out to gill, adam and pierre for the quality early mornings and the laughs! love you guys!
see u in july when i come back! lol
sam, gav (aka pablo) and VJ

Heather and kate            

 we miss you gill and your sexy gill special cocktail still dont no what the hell is in it but it goes down a treat!!!!kates still loving the fact she made it too the rock even if she was only watching one thing rise and i dont mean the sun he he.anyone who vists kardamena should go see gill at the rock 24hour bar the only place you can watch the sunrise sat on the beach its a you long timexxxxxsee you in 5 weeks


the rok is a great bar in kardamena, right on the beach gorgeous view of the sea, food great. drinks great, great atmosphere. carnt wait to go back

Tony C           

 me & my ex girlfriend sam were here june 2005 what a brill place, great music from bobby. Gill was a great barmaid, hope the toiletrie,s were ok.
Hope to come back in september 06.
  tony, england

Andy o           


Not T           

I loved this place it was wicked i think that has something to do with Alex who is great, Bobby makes the best bacon sandwich ever loved everyone here and i hope i see them next year x

Chris D           

Well, what can i say.

Me and Simes spent our entire week being looked after by Bobby, Perry and last but not least DAN (aka Gill).  The best barmaid in the world???  Hmmmm.. Joke!!!  She was Great!!
I can highly recommend it.  In fact, i loved it so much i'm going again in August.  I'll be the one playing darts with Colin (and perhaps beating Perry again?!?)
You guys really made our holiday special and on a personal note - Dan.  Thanks babe.
Was anyone else terrified of Marnie by the way?!?!?
See you in August!!!!
Chris xx


Yeah it is the place by the old boat thing...Was there every morning bout 6 in the morning.

Bundy B           

Is this place near the old ship wreck thing on the beach front??

Chris F           

Cheers to Bobby, Ben (keep working on that table football), Phil, Adam and the best barmaid in the world -Gill (don't tell Marnie) for some wicked late nights and some drunken sunrises. Not sure if I'm back in 2005 to work but I should see you all one way or another.

James and james            

rok, wat can we all say

f**king top bar!!! bobby your a good guy!

phil, hope you take it easy and make ur mind up bout next summer thinkin bout yourself!!!
adam the cook, hows tricks, god to hear from you
gill, me old drinking buddy, hope ur good
nikky - yasou
ben- hope ur ok pal

get in touch guys

james and james ( sugar & status )

Marnie O           

Hi everyone its Marnie here just a little message... This is the only bar that you can watch the sun rise, so after the clubs finish get yourself down there cause the barman Phil is gorgeous and Gill is amazing i lived with her season and she is brilliant best in the business. Well what can i say about Bobby you HAM,but i miss you kid, and not forgetting Adam and Ben hope your happy and well. Hope your all back next year.


The rok is my fav bar in Kardemena- had some of the best times there- great to go
during the day and lay on it's private beach (get friendly with the staff they might
even let you stay on the sunbeds for free). Also do great food - the Rok is deffinately
a must!!

Linda H           

My girlfriends and I (12 of us) were in Kardamena twice this year. The rok was the
place to be-Day & Night, and especially after the clubs closed at about 3-5am. It was
packed and everyone's in the sea or drinking its great fun! Fantastic to watch stars
and then sunrise! If you're planning a trip to Kos-ask anyone...The Rok is simply the


Great place to go after everywhere has closed, only found where it was on the last night of our stay after nights of trying. Great place to chill with a beer, wish we had found it sooner

Claire F           

what a great place to chill out after everywhere has closed, def go here to see the sun rise about 6am its fab!!

Hello to Phil and Harrison, we're still in touch with the Wolvo boys theyr still as mad as eva!

Claire n Jane, walsall xxxx

Sophie H

what end was this bar coz i was wondrin wher it was cnt memba seein it wen i was ther? ne 1?

Lee S           

Thanks for the crazy nights and the cocktails. We always ended our night out here by watchin the sun rise! The Swindon Boys..Kos 2004

Lucy L           

This was deffinatley the last stop every night, that last fish bowl which was always the drink that sent you over the edge. The staff were wicked and would even bottle up your fish bowl if you decided to take a walk on the beach! The bouncy castle outside also provided great entertainment when wasted! The view was lush, and the PR wasn't bad either!