Bars in Kardamena

Frank H          10/10

great bar people very friendly hope to be back soon x

A P          10/10

Awesome bar. Open til stupid o'clock and all the workers are a right laugh. Ask for a burties gas chamber when you go!!

Audrey C          10/10

click to enlarge Memories bvar is excellent. spent many a night here when i was on holiday in september. the music was good as was karoke, and as for the staff what can i say they were so nice and had such a laugh. cant wait to go back soon xx  Hope ur all well xxx

Ally B           

Hey guys,

just wanted to say thanks for the christmas card. havent forgotten think thats possible. one of the best summers working for u guys! cant find ur address anywhere? any chance u can send it me please. hope
all is well and u are all keeping busy! love to u all.

Deanna G           

another legendary fishbowl bar x

Jade, lauren, carly and b F           

just wana sey had a top laugh in this bar and will definatly c*m bk next yr or even agen this yr! u will remember us as the bunny gurls out 4 laurens 18th givin it staks on the karyoke. the babes were excellent only becos we wer in ther haha!!!!!! gona miss it n will c evry 1 soon especially the hotties outside the bar mark and christian!! love loads cov gurls on tour kos 2006 x x x x x x  

Melanie L           

hello carol and dimitri wot a good time me wayne and the kids ave ad best bar in kardamena see u both soon luv wayne mel chloe jordan and jenson get those cocktails ready

Dave B           

Great bar, one of the best in kardamena

great place to chill watching to football in the day, and at night one of the best bars to head to status or starlight from, i out with 12 lads july 05, no plans to go back yet, but we'll see
look out for the bird from bolton aswell who gets her tits out a lot lol, great laugh
mega slushie cocktails aswell

Hannah M           

OOOOH the best slush cocktails!!!! Gotta love it!!!!

Babz C           

the slush cocktails, oooo yes

im so glad i went to watch the football with mates and discovered the heavenly slush cocktails, mmmhmmm


started off our holiday was wicked doing kareoky in there with the bolton lass yey

Julie G           

Memories bar was one of the few things we liked about our holiday..we passed quite a few hours one day watching the dvds they show  a few times a day, midweek ..i only wish they did it every day but at weekends it seems there were some people who would rather watch football???????? !!!


Memories is a quality place to be, many apologies again to all the staff who had to endure my pissed mate clambering over the bar like a little italian chimpanzee, accusing the nice bar staff of 'nickin my fookin towell'. And also thanks to the miracle worker PR who mothered me when i was lost and miraculously made my friends appear like knights in rusty armour. u aint seen the last of us...............


Kalamera Dimitri and Marmite!!!

Missing you guy's so badly already!! - so wish I was back there sitting outside Memories with you's winding up curly bird by flirting with Dimitri!
Thank you both for making mine and Kelly's holiday absolutely top!  Memories is the best bar in Kardamena by far!!!
Oh and Marmite, who is that Man In The Mirror song by?????
Luv Jess

Helen B           

malakas!!!!!!!!! get a t-shrt coz i forgot!!!!!!!!

Laura T           

Hello to all of you at Memories Bar,

Thanks for a great holiday, meeting you guys made it all the better, you certainly know how to work hard and party hard. Keep having fun and hope you all enjoy the rest of the season. Good Luck with your exam Danni.
We hope you are looking after George Michael (Andy), cant wait to see you again and hope to see all you others in Swanage sometime!!
From Laura, Pam, Graham, James and Louisa. xx
P.S. Mammy wants to come back for another Hula Hula soon!!

Glenn D           

had some mint nites here n well gd music.PR's haggle u abit 2 go in but its well worth it.

Amy H           

It was alright, we got pestered by the PR guy everynight who had the same bottled beer in his hand!

went in a couple of times but wasnt one of my faves! It was busy though!

Jason W           

Hi guys, it's the 'Bournemouth Boys' here (Groundsy, Dave, Fletcher, The Big Man, Mini Mouse, San Miguel, Rew, Harvey, Robin & me, Jason - a.k.a J'Kwon). Your bar was absolutely fantastic - our local & the first and last place we went in Kos.

We LOVED it!  The staff are brilliant and very friendly (Even you Andy! "Stop smiling & do some work, Andy."  We're only joshing with you mate!) The atmosphere of the place is good, very chilled out. All your cocktails all come very highly recommended too!
Andy, Fiona & Lyndsey - you lot are the best!! When we get the pictures sorted I can email you all copies to keep/put up in Memories? If you want them, my email address is (Jason's) so just let me know yours & I'll send them your way. If Fiona wants to pass it to the very lovely Rachael too, feel free...
Make sure you put our flag up by the way!!!
Hopefully speak to you soon. THE BOURNEMOUTH BOYS

Adam M           

i thought danni who worked there was lovely, never got to say goodbye or buy her that drink, but hope she passes her exam in august. she made my night out better!

it was our first port of call every night the best place to go, def worth going
if danny ever sees this hope she'll email me
if she remembers who i am

Jo C           

Without a doubt the best bar in Kardamena! Loved the music, the prices, most of the men.  The atmosphere was mental and the staff are truely great!! Big big shout out to me mucker that is Matryn ( quite the cheeky sort once you know him!) and to part time holiday rep and pot plant enthusast Ben, they're great guys!  You made our holiday! hopefully see you soon in Memories. if not, you're so click to enlargecoming to the party mecca that is Torquay! can't wait! Love Jo and Sal. x x To the MAX!

Rob S           

click to enlarge   Id like to say a big hello to all staff at memories and id like to say thanks for helping make are holiday an unforgettable experience. I wish we were all still out there sipping on cold coronas admiring the talent, especially the bar staff!! Cant wait to get back out to kardemena, id reccommend it and a visit to this bar to anyone.

Anyone who remembers me or any of our group, then get in touch.


click to enlarge

We went here last year in august it was FAB! we want to go back. we miss the vodka slush! thanks to everyone who made us welcome, especially Jamie, Scott & Ian. We love the manchester accent! we r gonna visit soon! have some great pics! U have to go to this bar its great!

Jo & Stace (London)

Lee P           

the bar had f**king character man and the pop stars thing that andy got goin on the mike was a winner you know what im saying. i believe that andy should be manager next year, we will get a duke box in and liven the f**kers up. hows things paddy lad ? theres going to be a big p**s up in brazil next month man if your up for it, shove some f**king coffee in your vodka and let the good times roll.

we need to get the tem back man.

anyway ian up your a**e and f**k the rest of you who work in greece im not bothered about f**k all.

lee pr 2003 - 2004 -


hey ali its ian remember me i worked with you in memories you no the good lookin one that was always tryin to s**g you lol! anyway i left without gettin your number or anythin! so get intouch email me at p.s hope your are well and your family take care ian