The Two Johnnies

Bars in Kardamena

Tracy B

Hi loved the guys from the old 2 johnnies bar.
I went to kos 3 times(last time 1999)  we  got to know the guys really well.
I even helped out at the bar too.
Remember us  we would go clubbing together etc.
Sisters Tracy, tina(twins) ,older sister Marie,uncle John,Donna  ,kids tanya and cody.
hello to eddie...

Joanna R

hey everyone,

Cant wait to come back to the best bar in kadrdamena, thank you for all the staffs help and giving me a great time, also the shows were amazingas as usual. Sandra, Tony and reece you were amazing. Must say the best bar ever in kadamena. thank you see you next year x x x

Robert T

Can anyone please help me. Does anyone have a greek contact number/email address for Sandra at the Two Johnnies. I need to get in touch with her regarding something we discussed a while back.

If anyone has it could they e-mail me it at

Robert Temple
International Comedy Hypnotist

Sly S          8/10

click to enlargeEntertainment bar, live acts every night. 

Sharron C           

Two Johnnies Bar has been sold and is under new management.  Anyone looking for Yiannis should head down to Woodpecker Bar on the seafront - thats his new venture and he's looking forward to all his customers joining him there ....................................

Bernie B           

Here's to Yannis, great guy, great bar, and here's to a guy who tries to entertain the holiday makers of Kos. If everyone had a go the way this man does the resort would be alive and kicking!! Keep up the good work Yannis, your a star!! Minas, Nicterrious, and Yannis parents.... Yasssooohhhh!!

Becky N           

Home from Home this place excellent became our new local for a week. Had the football on which we couldnt live without seein lol n lush drink :D Wikid staff and P.R's Jane, Tristan and Lil Karen bless jane shes goin all the way back to Sunny Sunderland next week tho HAHA !

Would deffo go back here just to see Brian he is a great laugh and i've stole half his jokes lol Bo !!
luv becky n Sarah xxxx

Kerry S           

just got back from kardamena wish a was still there a cryed all the way 2 the airport  had the best holiday ever made even better by going to two johnnies what a laugh we had the staff are wkd. got 2 love yanni every 1 does. got 2 say though Tristin is my favourite  what a babe he is so mint. You have to go and see brian in his show he does the geordies proud  so funny made me friends birthday so much more fun!!! me nd catherine will be back nxt year hope to see you there!!!! Kerry from newcastle xxx

Liam E           

dont no if its stil on but we seen dis geezer from newcastle do ali g, george michael, elvis andchubby brown n e woz ace. did sum uva stuf 2 n spat on rose sellers - hillarious reccomended

Daniel R           

hello everyone #

got back from kos on 16th june 2005 its was fantasic especially the 2 jonnys bar. danny was fanataic cant wait to go again might be going iin october but if not wil be going in june 2006 yipee

Alison M           

love the yogi bear song bought back plenty of memories, we came her one night went back the next n there was my mates make up that we had been looking everywere for in the tips jar, never forget that love it

Daniel R           

anyone that goes into this bar ask yannis the owner how many timesh e got his a**e kicked at darts in october 2004 by dennis roberts? been going in this bar ever since we started going to kos 6 years ago. yannis the owner is really friendly everyone gets on with him and he is a superb man

Viv and bec P           

Brian, we've seen you like blondes, have you ever done Lily Savage?

Viv and bec P           

what can we say about brian? not as much as he could say about himself! Yiannis - you don't need to say anything, he's greek! Minos - definately worth watching him play football.

Rachael W           

hi to you all missing you already. your show was the best we have ever seen and we had a great view from our quad bikes. hope to see you all again next summer. have a great winter take care love ya lots peter,rachael,daren & claire xxx miss you

Craig S           

had to go in because of the name and the fit PR jo, but personally stayed there for the waitress in the little white skirt and her more then friendly customer services!

Rebecca R           

Yea i love it there john and really want to go back but looks like next year now! oh well i will catch up with yiannis and everyone another time i guess!

John P           

Thanks Rebecca
Have seen the show many times but always have a great time in the 2 Johnnies

Rebecca R           

Hello should be going back in september fingers crossed! And yes brian is still doing his show i think it is only 2 nights a week but he should be there until the end of september, hope this is help to you!

John P           

Been to Kos 5 times.
Going again in September.
Is Brian still putting on his show this year ?

Steph R           

Only drank in here twice, but Glen is great! Go there just to meet him! Hi Glen!! - Ball Bag! :op

Eddie P           

We have been going to Two Johnnies over the past 5 years, we always aim to be there every night of our holiday we go and always have such a brilliant time, its one of the best bars in the resort, unfortunately we cannot be there this year, but we will be back next year that's for sure.
We absolutely love Yannis, Minas and have the had the privelage to meet their families which includes their lovely children.We also love everybody that has ever worked in the bar, including Brian, who, last year left Yannis to work down the road, in a restaurant on the corner, Brian it wasn't the same!Never mind, I am sure Yannis is keeping up the tradition of a brilliant place to be every night.
If you are visiting Karadamana you cannot miss Two Johnnies it's the best!

Kelly J           

I returned back from Kardamena last Sunday and it was my first time back sine 2000, i must say that it has not changed well apart from Mcdonalds! it was Fantastic i returned to the Two Jonnies and Yannis remembered me and looked after for the whole week, even brought us a few rounds of drinks as we were loyal customers.. and i managed to get a 2 Jonnies T Shirt to add to my collection. Also i would like to recommend a Resturaunt called Avil lovely food and service and not to expensive!!! If anyone is going out there i am very jeleous and i must admit i did shed a tear when i had to go. Kelly

Rebecca R           

Heya people!!!! This bar is the best in Kardamena even if the malaka is working!!!! Hehe although he does put on a good show! Yiannis is the best bloke and he gets on with everyone more the ladies though! I can't wait to go back in 2004 and meeting the new workers!!! Big shout out to Danny, Fred, Meanas, Billy and everyone else i met in the bar and around kardamena!!! Love ya guys

Debbie T           

just say 2 johnnies was a laugh worked up the road at club 69 but would always end up here. Missing yiannis and paul!! if you see this paul email me at it would be good to here from you. Cant wait to go back next year!!!