Mas y Mas

Bars in Kardamena

Sam H           

Hi there, just back kardamena, had a wicked season worked behind the bar in mas y mas!!!
met the bestest ppl. miss you guys already!
just thought id pop on and give us a rating!!! 
the ratings are, we liked it , it was ok , or we hated it.
i guess theres no button for we f*ckin loved it!!!
anyways  byeee!!!
love always Sam xxx


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eloo ppz ov kos n masymas lol! went dere on da 15th 4 a week lol n everi n8 we wnt in masymas avoidin all da ova bars onda way lol n goin streight in n startin da nyt off wi eiva a jedi or a crack pipe lol

Leanne & julie G           

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hey everyone,
we were in kos in june and loved it sooooo much we had to go bak for 2weeks in july and it was all due to all the guys in mas y mas, for making us stronger fish bowls every night and gettin us 'pure steamin'!!!Carly, Amy, Kelly, Sam, Caroline, Lucy, Candi, Katrina, Tim, Sunny, Andy and Dan, you guys are all amazing and thanks for giving us a summer to u's to bits u's made mas y mas the best bar eva!!!!click to enlarge. Big hello to every1 else we met out there especially our crazy London Gals!!and to every1 who drank our fishbowls U OWE US 1!!!!xx

Mackem B           

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1 word to describe this bar...AWESOME!!!

defenetly go there

Amy L           

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Hi every1
Just got back from kos massive. I worked in Mas Y Mas the best bar on the island. Thanks to every1 that commented on the bar. I loved working there and the poeple that were our regulars made the bar even better.
Like the Glasgow girls (Fiona, Heather and Morgan) we loved getting pure steamin with them.
The three boys from Birmingham (Gav, VJ and Sam) loved the moves.
Not forgetting Laura and Julie that had a 20 pint fish bowl to them selves and never shared it, joke i got pissed with them ever night. 
The two boys with the patterns in there hair that got battered every night.
Also Becs and Kelly Ann, them two girls were wicked and such a laugh, we were still doing the foot dance till this day girls. 
The big group of 18 boys that came in every night and called the bar Sambuca bar.
There are so many. The bar was the best and we had the best boss we could ever have. Every1 else that worked there was wicked to and we all got on so well. Hopefully we will keep in touch. I better stop coz im gonna cry in a min. I so wish i was back there. Just wanna say hi to the mas y mas gang and i miss it eclick to enlargevery day. Sam, Tim, Andy, Kelly, Sunny, Caroline, Lucy and Carly
If i mist people out im sorry but its hard to remember every1 after drinking yourself silly for 4 months  -x-Amy-x-


Hey Sunny i miss you sooooo much it was wicked living wiv u n Bex n the girls this year, can't wait to see u wen you are home and also can't wait to do it all again nxt year! you are the best n i love u mean it!!!

Billy O           

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This is the best bar in the world let alone the island .Me n ma m8 gaz came ere 4 a week and we met sum wild people in masymas includin andy , pablo (the DJ) and lee n little legs's gang. sum deadly drinks at this place i recomend a  Jedi (absinthe+aftershock) or a crack pipe (forgot ingredients due to heavey drinking). i wud work here again and again year in year owt . its the best place to start off your night before hitting the clubs . any one who was there from the 15th of july email me . dancin on da curb 2 white horse wiv evri one was unforgetable and sum of the best music is playd here. sum fit birds here many dirty fings hapnin !! i will definatley be coming here again . please contact me if you rememba me n gaz (we had the weird Patterns in our hair)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way this fing wunt not let me rate hunks so dunt get finkin im queer ppl!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Laura S           

This place is such a good place to go to get your night started. It plays some wicked tunes and the PRs are so nice and make you feel really welcome! I will never forget the dancing on the curb or the song the 'White Horse'. I fully recommend this bar its SO SO good!!!

Jess F           

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Liked is so not strong enough....we loved this bar!!! Best bar on the island by far!! Have the fittest barmen too!!! went there every nite and got free bottles of sambuca or peach snapz wicked!!!!! music was cool and the curb dancing was a rite laugh got some good pics!!!!!! PRS were really nice!!!! definately a place to go on ure nite out....will get u warmed up nicely!!!!!!! highly recommend the kermit the frog cocktail, awesome drink!! make sure you go'll be thanking us if you do!!

If you were there the week of the 15th, email us on and we might have met!!!

David R           

Mas y Mas best bar ever been to!! there were 9 mackem lads out there for 2 weeks went in there every night! we got free bottles of sambuca or peach schnapps everytime we went in! fishbowls aswel.  the PR's are class aswel, especially Caroline who is stunning!! Andy the PR is a good lad aswel, defo go there!!!! 

Hollie H           

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hey peeps ive just got bk from kos and this is the place to warm up for a wicked evening!!!!!!!!!! pr are great fun lots of drinking can wait to get bk there!!!!!!!!!!!!! music is great gets you dancing before you even get to the club! x

Sam G           

Just got back from Kos on 11th July.

Mas y Mas was the best place to start the ngiht.. played all the tunes that you can skank to - RnB, Funky House. Whats not to love? The manager Joe is a legend, shouted us to a couple free drinks on our last night. And what can i say about the sexy ladies that worked there.... Those Lesbo's from Essex, and the SUPALOSER!
The Birmingham Boys - the 3 guys who tore up Kos in June

Jimmy S           

great bar some of the fittest staff you will find anywhere on the islands, laot of funky house playing by one of the best dj's ive heard anywhere in the world.

(brummy lads)

Tim K           

Mas y Mas... by far the best bar in Kardamena, well, (... along with Bonkers that is...), plays the best funky/house, serves great cocktails, excellent staff, and the owners, Phil and Jo, were the best hosts.


What can I say the loverly Kim Worked here and a big mention to Rob who kept us very amused for the whole of out plane journey home even thou we both wanted to sleep, Thanks for eating my plane meal (yuk) and thanks for the video footage we both had a laugh watching that. I am going back on 18th May 2005 so will see you then (dont forget you offered me a job if you buy a share in the bar. I have your number and will give you a call you nutter!!!! Hope the weed was good!!!

Zahra L           

Awesome music, drinks, staff and atmosphere! came ere evry nite wen i was on hol. 2 the ex-staff bk in miserable uk; faye, ur a legend.will b sayin 'yassou baby' in person very soon no doubt. cant the way, once ur door got fixed, ur room got pictured 4the angelina brochure 4nxt yr. cool, ey! u can also catch me and rach posing by the ladies! Jess u big bradford lass.hows blue next treatin u? cough, cough!!seein u v.v soon unfortunately! gutted! gonna av 2live that kardamena dream one more time ova in leeds.will b messy! 'hey... is that a bandage around ur neck?!' 2 james and ollie ya big sexy lads.u shouldnt av left so early, u missed alot of laffs. l8rs my luvlies, mmwaa! za XXX

Kinta D           

Best bar on the island for music, drinks, and staff. Massive hello to Rob, Louise, Leo, Phil and especially Kim. If anyone is out there in the next few weeks ask Kim for her Mas Y Mas dance and "NO, NO, NO, NO" catchphrase - its something else. Oh and phil, don't forget my job next year mate!

Joanne D           


Kate girls-on-tour d           

Me and jen loved this place- u get to pour ur own cocktails!
but....u get watched over in case u put in too much alcohol, and if u do they confiscate the bottles!
not that we would know u understand!

Liz N           

me and my friend emma were there for a week and started off every night in this bar, it was one of the best on the island with wicked staff, chris the dj was a gr8 larf throughout the whole week and greg introduced us to the yummy sherbet dibdab!! gotta be tried! wicked wicked wicked!


Loadsa love to Phil+Jo you gave us a great night you two are brill....hope everything is going great for you guys and hope to see you next year if we can fit it in around the wedding.
Take care......

Lucy H           

Hey can any1 help me i really need to get in touch with stevie who used to wrk her! The one frm frm Wigan! My mates need his mates number, as the met in malia last year and she wants to rekindle an old flame! Wee scottish lass lucy thatused to wrk in Harleys.x

Lucy F           

This bar probably played the best music out of all the bars. Funky house all the way. The P.Rs were lovely and the atmosphere was good. There werent enough free shots though but apart from that i thought it was brilliant

Jenny F           

me and my m8s came in here two nights on the run, and played drinking games (fuzzy duck) with our friends from croyden, it was such a laugh. WE tasted the wicked gregs special i think it was caled and by the end of the games i was hammered. Hi to the Prs-rob i think one was called, sorry cant remember the other one-nice bit of MC-ing tho!

Berni S           

Start off there every night with a liquid cocaine or a turbo reef!!! all the staff are to. if u meet hazel ask er about Ben from Hollyoaks!! we thought it was the best bar on the island so if you get a chance go and visit it!!!!!!!!!!!!