Jolly Roger

Bars in Kardamena

Sara F           

click to enlarge HI GUYS!!!!!

Denise B           

What to say best bar of all time quality music and some of best bar staff espically are neighbour and barman George and top Pr Ben!!

Katy R           

absolutely loved this bar!! great music, great drinks, great atmosphere, great PR's....all in all just plain GREAT!
james ur number rubbed off my leg....turns out it wasnt such a good idea after all! if u ever read this and still wana go clubbing in london then drop my a line at
take care x x x

Joe H           

Top bar, had the starlight dj so music was good. Gazza your a leg end top geeza shame he woz a manc. dan u nuttah, quality pr. jenny your probly one of the most beutiful girl's ive seen! amazin body (another reason for liking blue lagoon) and lovely to chat 2.

Brighton B           

F**kin excellent bar, best bar on the island,danny, gazza (big ledge's) kosta, towny r as funny as f**k....also nia (we got her the job!!!) jennie and kirsty, u stunners!!! thanx for all the great memories..... this bar is a must!!!!(thanxs 2 kosta 4 the CD's he made 4 us cheers)

Faye L           

great bar, great music (when towny was on the decks),best thing was the staff, really nice lads and lasses , kostas, emily, charlotte, dan (who ate poo for 10 euros!), greg, and ben who gave one of us a well needed bonk (need we say it again.......9 months!) see you all again soon, keep in touch xxxx

 the leeds girls, katie, faye, and maya xxxx
p.s we will def be at townys birthday party at atrium in leeds in august,
cant wait to shack it out wiv ya ! xxxx


Oh jolly roger!! This is where Danny worked. Hi Danny, you remember me?? I hope you do, its Eric. We had some fantastic nights in the heat didnt we. Are you going back in the summer sweets cos id love to be your roomie. Dannyboy was the funniest pr on the island,YEAH!(High 5!) Really would like to meet up lover, so give me a bell Chief! Eric xx


Lovely bar

Brian M           

Happy new year to everyone its brian here hope everyone is sound and i'll be back in sunny Kos in april sweeeeett

Danny V           

Worked here over the summer, met some quality chiefs. Brian, i lost your number so if you want to keep in contact my email address is

Hayley H           

hi bryan, its hayley

you said to go on the wedsite so here i am ! hope your ok, say hi to peter for me !

theres a few of us coming out next year so might see you then!

get my number off peter and keep in touch!


Melanie R           

Hiya Brian, its Melanie. Where were you on our last nite for our last 11 o clock drinks? We were devastated! Get my number off Pete and text me. xXx

Huddersfield G           

i just remember thinking we could steer a ship, that was such a big mistake!!!!

Jenny J           

Hey hey brian 'pint of miller, miller' of livingston but really east calder and who went to west calder high (or was it the other way round?!) How's kim? Glad to hear you're still getting pissed every nite, wouldn't expect anything less! Wish we were back there instead of cold and wet Glasgow!

Brian M           

Hiya its brian cheers for the message hope everyone is okay i'm still working away getting pissed as usual. Keep in touch xxxx

Nina C           

This was a brilliant bar. me and my friends went here most nights! they staff are so friendly and the drinks are really cheap!! BIG 'HI' to Brian! We told you we'd leave a message for you. its Nina and Jenny from Glasgow. hope your still having great fun out there!

Abigail T           

i think that pete is great and i wud love to s**g him!

Lee S           

Just a quick note from the Swindon (Devizes) boys on tour in Kos 2004 (24/7/04 - 1/08/04). We had a quality time in Kardamena and loved every minute of the night life, especially the cocktails and music in the Jolly Roger. Also, if you're out there, a quick hi to Lorraine Kelly who works in the bar (she sounds like her anyway!) We will be back this space.....

Jackie 6           

hey guys! jackie 6 here! Jolly Rogers was klass! met Danny, Sarah, Pete, Brian and Costas here, they're wicked people, up for a ryt laugh! I loved the songs Sarah used to get all 8 ov us geordie Jackies to sing, hang on.......i sed a boom..chick..a..boom, haha! i miss you guys! loved it when me and cheri pinched the WKD sign off the door, haha it's being kept safe over here in Newcastle,hehe! (I blame Pete)well im defo gonna visit Kos agen just so i can go to Jolly Roger and sing our songs, well bye for now x

Geordie J           

Geordie girls here!...we were all known as "Jackie" tho...had a class time in Kos,gud bar wiv gud music. met sum quality PR's, who really did crack us up...Danny and sarah who we became mates wiv! wish we were still there..doin out lil chant every nite..."wanlkin down canal street..." haha...luv it! take care x


Great music and didnt get too busy! Only went in when I was really drunk but from what I remember it was a really great place!

Sam D           

Quality bar. I got every body in there in there to do that stupid dance off Ali G(that electirc one)and got a round of sambuca's for my trouble. Rock on dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny F           

me and my friends, carly, claire, emily, lucy and louise went in here on our 1st night and didn;t buy a drink cos we were so pissed. The next day at Kool Pool everyone knew and these guys took the piss, calling us the Hazel Grovers!That night we proved them wrong and drunk ourselves under the table. Hello to the Pr outside who saw us on the boat back from Bubble beach and also to Fat Bob, its jenny from Hazel Grove, miss you!hope your all ok

Shelroy I           

'WE WENT TO THE BAR FOR A SAMBUKA, WE WERE SERVED BY MR LUUUUCA.' Who remembers Luca from the Jolly Roger?? He luuuuurved us English gals!! Jolly Roger was good, they played good music and they let me break dance! I also liked it becuase it had a big steering wheel! Becuase i've got a boyfriend it's the nearest i got to sitting on the boat!!! heehee x

Dan H           

Kos 31 Aug - 7 Sep I found Jolly Roger one of the best bars on the strip. The music was excellent, in fact it my changed my view of a lot garage, drum & bass music which I would have previously dismissed as bollox. The place was always rammed with fine ladiez who were very friendly (and great dancers!) The PRs were proper space cadets and Claire (as in Claire & Louise the twins) was the nicest girls we met out there! *hugs* So if you like good tunes, pretty faces, girating asses and good looking yet down-to-earth waitress service - Go there! (If the DJ is out there, I would really appreciate your playlist - you rule dude)