The Jam Bar

Bars in Kardamena

Joe C          10/10

I had a great time with Yinnias (i hope that's how you spell his name) the manager of 'The Jam Bar' and can't believe he offered me a job over there. So wish i had stayed to work out there lol, but will definitely come over to work for him one summer, that's if he will still let me :D It was a great bar and had an amazing atmosphere, absolutely loved the drinks in there and would encourage anyone travelling to KOS, to go to this bar!!!

J T           

we oxford boys had the best laughs when sat in the jam bar each night

fell in love with the local girl working there
she even let me off when i pinched her bum. (it was my birthday)
don't change the place might see you all next year

Louise B           

AHHH! It was the best place ever!  Hello to Emma, Laura, Ayani (still can't spell your name!) and Kery.  I miss you guys sooo much, say hi to Simon for me (haha)

Mel S           

hello, not sure if ul read this or not but a huge hello to everyone. just want t say thanks had so much fun working there.. slash standing outside being a prat.. ha ha but hope as well to see you all again..soon slash this summer.. cant wait t be back in sunny kos.. woo.. smel ya later hope ur all well. mel xx

Angel P           

This was a top class place - Emma and Daniels that work there are fab - you must go in and ask for a cheeky vimto - tell them it is for the scottish girls - trust me you'll love it - puts you in a mentally naught but nice mood!!!

Kevin P           

to loud

Rosa B           

Good music, friendly staff, very clean and excellent drinks