Corner Bar

Bars in Kardamena

Adam B           

Yeah Greatest place to go to for a drink i would reccomend to anyone, went there vertually every night before we went on to a random club. Dan the ledgend made the music fantastic Pro evo kept few of us happy babes were hot  especially lara

But al lin all great place to go to gr8 music gr8 fun gr8 ppl even the managers a laff

Dan c           

Hiya everyone, thanks for all your comments , but especially for reviewing the bar so well! hope your all gonna be visiting us next summer. The corner bar website is now up and running if anyone wants to have a look, its feel free to email any photo's for the gallery to . thanks again, hopefully see you soon. dan x

Essex G           

 Corner Bar is definitly the hottest bar! the music's hot, lovin the DJ who played all my songs for wen i came in... im gonna join the bottom of the que for ppl who pulled dan, only do i get extra points cos i nearly saw his bed?!  he wos hot tho, and u cant hate the player, just the game,  definitly back to tear the place up next summer 2006, and all the other girls who pulled dan, i suggest we just get over the fact that he's a hot player, and all have group sex   l8rz all xXx

Alex G           

The Corner Bar was the first bar we went in every night.  The music was great and Dan was a nice guy getting us free tickets to all the clubs.  Until reading this we only suspected Dan as being the Ultimate pull man in Kardamena,Clap lol, we always saw him chatting up the girls!!!

Sara M           

Hey Zoe, just read ur comment. So u rate dan as a kisser then? where bouts did u pull him?was he working at the time or was it somewhere else. U get his fone number or anything? Hopefully im gona work out ther next jst gona book a ticket and hope to find a cool bar to work at.

Sara X


hi every1!!! the corner bar was brilliant and played sum good tunes!! the staff were fantastic and yes i pulled dan too!!  i didnt think he was so much of a tart lol.  neway going bk next year to work!! cant wait!! maybe see sum of ya over there!   luv zo x  

Sara M           

yes i did pull dan aswell..... thought i was 'special' though. - Obviously not!!!

id also like to kno if any1 else has pulled dan in the past few months? it aint a big deal coz he can pull whoever he wants, i just find this funny coz he didnt seem that way atall!

Ps... lara rules!!!!

Emily M           

Sounds like evry1 has pulled dan from the corner bar then? He is a legend... he must get girlz by the bucket load! So any of u girls pulled him aswell then? he is a cutie!!!! Opinions please.....

x x x

Laura and E           

 That should tell it...We loved it! We spent three months in Kardamaina and The Corner bar became like a second living room for us and we miss the staff like hell although we have been away only a few days. Some of the moments that passed by sitting "at the corner" could be characterised as the best time ever. We warmly recommend this place for you all. Just spend some time there and you'll see what we are talking about.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses to the best staff in kardamena

Samara H           

We loved this place so much. i met Dan who is just amazing anyone know if he is still there? i would go back in a second if i had any money. recommend this place to anone up for fun and a laugh.  

Lloyd W           

the corner bar was cool great place to go. The PRs are great, dan is a legend. cant belive dan bet me to drinka pint of sambuca for a 100 euros ( which i did 6 secs ) if any one was there i would like to know if u got nay pics or videos which u could send to me if u do please e-mail me at

Glenn D           

super place 2 go at the beginning of the nite.we got loadza free stuff cause we got 2 no the ppl who owned it.PR called laurna who works there is a babe well cool got us loads of freebies.

Kait P           

We loved corner bar... the PRs were magic. My mate pulled Dan the fit PR. If you go in a few times they give you free/cheaper/better drinks. They also put good music on... espesh if you ask. Fab place!!

Craig M           

corner bar was by far the highlight of our holiday! went almost every night n met loads of gr8 people including all the workers,dans a gr8 guy who will get any music or shots u want, laras a gr8 laugh who gets ur drinks while u sit in comfort, the manager is superb ("dont be shy,show us your pie,coz ur mother wasnt shy!bar is still open!). the corner bar is a must if u like cheap cocktails and zambuca poured down ur throat. cheers from "michael owen and rest of scottish b*****ds"

Debbie C           

abosultely brill bar. Phils was great, tries to get you pissed on all his free homemade shots!Try his baby guiness

Cheryl M