H2O Bar

Bars in Kardamena

James B          8/10

went h2o most nites f**king mint!! probs the best bar on bar street loved it.

Katie S          10/10

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absolutely loved it!!!! the pr guys red (wheeto's) & ben (spongebob) made our holiday we love you guys!!! h20 has the best cocktails in bar street  big hugs katie & lydia xxxxxx i'm sure you guys won't read this but if ya do send us an e-mail shorty_v18@hotmail.com  coz ur only down the road from us chelmsford girls haha xxxx

Sam H          9/10

click to enlargehey went here everynight in 2005!! cant wait to revisit it this summer wiv my girlies!!! whoooooo

Lizzy K           

  this will sound really bad but i'm sure 1 of the pr ladz 4 this bar was called christian. I'm 1 of the girls from preston that loved mad club! We had a really great time in this bar, can't really remember what the music was like but the drinks were good. It's situated in a good spot on bar street and the seats outside r very comfortable as that where me in me friend sat most nights. All the staff r really friendly.

Laura B           

Just want to say hi to Ben (Taffy) lost your number somehow so fightened wedding might be off hehehehe jade is busy sorting the castle etc eheheheheheh na miss ya babe let me know when your back in sunny kent and will take you out essex-style. email me on laurabramble@yahoo.co.uk


Natalie J           

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hey!!! i will tell her to ring ya, after id bin back two weeks i went up to wakefield n me n janine got wrecked kardamena-style! was good! my e-mail is nataliejackson123@hotmail.com. how was the last few weeks? loads have come home now! send me ur number xx lovin that pic of janine! haha xx

Becky W           

oh my god natalie!!! me old hearrty!! cant wait to the pirate ship thing next year - were not gonna let any malakatira on it!! ha ha!! how you doing baby? put your email on here and i'll send ya my number. hope your ok and tell janine to ring me!!

alex babe, glad there all ok, i'll email you with my number. i honestly cant wait to hit oldham!! i got back last sunday. wierd being back though-loadsa workers are home now so it wouldnt have been worth staying any longer. i got so much s**t to tell ya alex (and all the other girls of course!!) so make sure you gimme a call.
speak to both soon
take care girlies
love me

Alex o           

hhhhhyyyyaaa itz alex just one of the oldham gals! hya becky , phil neil n craig !i had the best holiday (spendin every night in h2o , loved it !)it's s**t to be back home n missin you all !can't wait to come and visit you becky! speak to ya soon luv alex xxxx

Becky W           

hey everyone!! glad you liked this bar!! i worked here for most of my time in kos, and loved every minute of it! oldham girls - you lot were quality! i cant wait for you to show me the ropes round your neck of the woods! feels wierd being home though.


Jade S           

hello guys ,just like to say hi ya to our lovely ben hurry up n get ur a**e home so we can go for a drink get craig down for the weekend and we show u how to party !!!! miss ya treacle 

  your fav essex girls jade n laura xxxx

Laura B           

Loved H20 Bar first bar you come to when you walk up bar street from the square.  Your all a good looking bunch in there...little quiet everywhere but was always busy in H20

Big kiss to my welch lover aka Ben...the weddings still on and when your back in sunny kent your getting essexed...meet u up time and envy show you how its done...hope you enjoy your last 5 weeks out there...you nearly twisted my arm to stay.  Well heres big kiss stay in touch .... Essex Betty



Wasnt sure about this place till the last week when we got a free bottle of champagne for my mates birthday ! They do some wicked cocktails !


I have to admit that I wouldn' have gone in this bar if Shaun hadn't left Liquid for this bar but it did turn out to be one of my favourites -  Craig, Shaun, Peter, Ben, Sarah and Sara you're a great bunch and I hope to see some of yuou next year. 

Sarah C           

Never went in this bar but liked the big hug off Dan (ex 20's) every night as I walked passed.

What a sweetie!


hey its the oldham gals nat , alex, amy and sam! loved our hol so much! H20 is without a doubt the best bar because of the brill ppl like phil , becky , neil and craig! we miss phil loadssss especially Nat....(missin the hell out of ya) and wer dyin 4 bex and craig to come to oldham on a night out with us! weve txted ya bec but its not got 2 ya 4 some reason :(  love ya all loads.

the oldham gals x x x x x

Ryan S           

evenin all!! we were told to giv the place a gd review by the sarah n sara....so hear come the lies. only messin. the only reason we ended up here was somethin to do wit Mcfly and the lack of effort (the absolutely stunnin ) sara put in to get us in. but once we wer ther it was quality. no other bar along the strip let me scream Mcfly to top of my voice so we came bk nearly every nyt. even tho it annoyed the fellow bar ppl except the ever nutty sarah (who i owe a blue WKD to).

 anyhoo jus to say top bar, top ppl and was a great way to chilax

Sam W           

Hey All!!

Can't believe I spent nearly evry night in this bar!! It rocked, even though it was pokey!!
Miss you all, didnt wana come home!
T-bone, Knighty, Pete fantastic PR's we kept coming back every night!!
Jo and Zara!! The Bradford girls!! Home from home, excellent waitresses and great to talk to!
Sarah, the babe behind the bar, thanks for the cheeky shotss!! and Sexy Neil the Scotsman, brilliant cocktails (sex on the beach especially ) and many new experiences!
And last but not least Craig, can't wait to meet up in Manchester!! You make a great vodka, lime and lemonade, i have the evidence!
You all made me (and Julie) feel so welcome, enjoy the rest of the season.
Take care
Sam (and Julie, Bradford)
If anyone remembers Sam and Julie from Bradford, we spent most of the time in H2O and dancing to cheese in Downtown, adn you wana keep in touch mail me at x_dirty_angel_x@hotmail.com

Samantha H           

H2O was the best bar by far!! loved all the prs, espech becky,laura and phil. cant wait for you to come oldham becky, haha will be a good laugh! and im defo gunna keep in touch with phil in the future! and who can forget the best barman around - neil- gunna miss him the most, best guy i met out there! plus he makes the best cocktails!

well im missing u all allready and i have only been home a day
luv sam.
p.s nats alex n amy miss u all too


h20 bar was heavy, big up t-bone the life and soul of kos. this bloke was a joker took the p**s out my mate the fake t-bone. h20 bar also has kos's nicest girl on the island workin there becki and shes well fit 2. you should def go in here and speak to t-bone cos he will def make you laugh.
jack and london's finest

Notts girls, B           

As if we spent most of our time in Kardemena at this bar! Only joking, loved the place.

Turbo wkds are great, Neil has to be the best barman, loved the scottish accent and thanks for the cheeky shots.

Long-hair (t-bone) Do you know why we call you long hair, it's because you have long hair!!!!!!!!!!! and Jezzer (peter) you so do look like Jeremy Edwards! you are both crap PR's, pretending that we are friends doesn't work, you being hot kind of does though.

Short hair (Knighty) and Foggy Foggy D are also great, farmer boys all the way! Not sure if you ever actually worked at H20 but you were always there and we liked you! 



Hi Camila and Nic i was just wondering if this was them 2 princesses that lived near lukas beach apartments?

Camilla and nic            

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Im not actually joking, we're havin a beast being back at home.  Hope your all ok, we're very jealous.  Oh my god got our photos back....ahhhhh.
Hope your all still enjoying yourselves, and haven't forgotten us just yet.  Missing you millions....Take care and we'll speak to you soon!!!

Joe H           

this bar was me and my lads first and last bar to go to. went here every night, all the workers where top!!

bone head (t-bone) - top geeza, best moment was when you laughed at daves d**k lol
neil - top barman, loved the pink pu$$yz coctail and the cherry bakewells shotz. (scottish rent boy)
sarah - top bar girl, lovely to chat 2
jo, sara - the sexy waitresses, love you girls.
camilla and nicola (ya loser ;o) - two lovely girls no wonder they are prs they can get any man into their bar.
peter - another top geeza (scottish rent boy)

Rosh N           

this bar was wicked the pr was funny and neil always let mew make my own cocktails! loved it out there, had the best time, wont forget anyone or the experince!!!! rosh_n18@hotmail.com xx


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we all had a gr8 time in kos......lots of lafs and lots of  lads ......defo the best bar to be at full of fit blokes and always up for a laf..........there was not one nite we didnt go in for a drink

we all had the time of our lives and we will alll be back next year without a doubt lots and lots of love hannah , becks,ashley,nic,amanda, aka bunny girlsxxxxx