Cocktails and Dreams

Bars in Kardamena

Peter W

good place to start off in plenty of differant acts every night

Stephanie F          10/10

he ever1 at coctails n dreams how are you all?

its steph from 2005 woo woo lol

wish i was back out in greece av missed it loads goin to try n come over for a holiday this year i deserve 1 ha ha, joe if you read this will you please email me av not heard from you in ages n av missed you dude, my email address is, n if any1 else remembers me send me an email,

take care n hope to see you all again soon

steph x

Tom C          10/10

Heyhey, this bar is by far the best on the amazing kos town of Kardamena, it was a stones throw away from our hotel - the cleopatra hotel. We all became great m8s with Joe who was a top bloke, we were in here every night, 15euros for all you can drink cocktails how good is that!!! we did take full advantage of this, hehe! Hey Jo can you e-mail back please mate if you Elena from the bar down the road will be working there again this year, we were supposed to go back last year but it all fell through at the last minute. I'm am so jealous of anyone reading this going to Kardamena as  you'll be going to the best bar in the world and I wont be.

TOM, Jimmy, Matty, Webby, Lee, Noakey, Karl and SIb.

Rachel P           

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hey does any one know wher michael worked this summer? he worked here last july. and ive lost his number just wanted 2 get in touch if any one knows let me know plz, x

Steph F           

hey up its me steph again,
Joe when you read this i have jus 1 word for you BOLLOCKS.
lol that is your word of the year cant wait to know what next years word is,
  luv u lots joe xxxxTongue

Steph F           

hi nikos it steph here, u have the best bar n gr8 staff, joe u were always funny i missed you loads when u went home, we missed your singin.
i will recmend this bar to any1 for the best cocktails, gr8 music, n a real freindly atmosphere.
i will be bk next year at some point to see you all. missin you all,
steph xxClapLaughWinkTongueSmile

Joe B           

Hey nikos its joe, just wanted to say one word to you........BOLLOCKS......... haha!!!!!

well i'll be back in 3 weeks to continue with my great karaoke, bet you and everyone can't wait to here me sing.
Tell hairy tits i said hi bet she still comes down to give you a kiss. Dave is gettin you more watches as we speak now. click to enlarge
Here's hairy tits modelling!!!!!!!

Rachel P           

hya its rachel and debbie (betty & dot) just want 2 say michael, sarah, wayne and joe are the best PR'S in kos! misssing yous, x x x x

Rhema P           

Great Karaoke bar! To anyone who wants to have a laugh and get drunk...or even sing some tunes...this is the place to go to! Me and my 10 girlies went there every single night and enjoyed every minute of it! The PR's are vey nice, especially Joe, U stud U!  Hope you had a laugh with us! We certainly enjoyed ur company and ur free bottle of peach schnapps every night! Cheers mate! See you very soon! Lots of love, Rhema, Corinne, Sam, Jo, Sarah, Laura, Emma, Lucy, Ashley, Alice and Hannah!!! x x x x x x

Nicola D           


Joe B           

 This bar deserves the biggest round of applause ever, its looks absolutely fab,sounds great, but i tell you one things the staff there make you feel at home, they are  all out of this world especially the DJ and the entertainer, ladies and gentlemen i recomend this bar the only bar you visit on the island of kos

Special J           

oh my god !!!!!!
this place is fantastic, they have got the best staff.
joe n mark you made our holiday......big time, keep texting guys.
won't forget the trip to turkey ha ha ha ha have the best bar bar on the island.
we spent many special hours in this place. the cocktails and especially the vodka is great (ask for a pint).
miss you guys so much, can't wait to see ya again, hope you read this.  we will be back to dress up on the karaoke again soon.
love ya's all loads n miss you more
special j xxxxxx

Carole M           

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Went to this bar on our first night and for the rest of our stay and had a great time every night because we found Nikos and his staff very friendly and the karaoke funny would definitely go back to the bar again when there next

[ us with the staff ]

Nick S           

best for karaoke , movies, football on 5 big screens and very cheap drinks

Laura D           

this was a really good cheap bar, where i got completely ratted a few times dont look that great from outside but really worth goin in!


Make that the 9th September. Peace


Me and my mates went here a few times, it was quality!!! They play friends all the time and you can just chill out wit your homies.
Hello to the two PR's, Frankie and Beth!! Both brilliant girls. And I really want to c beth again. If u see this beth, you got my number and address, and Ive got yours. So please, Reply to the letter. Will be with you in dayz now.xx

Cuz I loved it there that much, Im going back to Kardamena in 6Weeks.August 30th. It rocks!!


my family raided this place one night, we took over the kareoke and danced all over the place, even gettin the dj to giv us a mention. found how gud vodka and red bull tasted in this place


good quick service by two lovely Bulgarian sisters - cocktails brilliant (2.50e) - Mythos/Amstel (1.50e) - as usual though, when football season starts, they had 4 different games on 4 different screens here! Good prices, brilliant cocktails & friendly staff.

John S           

Good for kareoke! and relaxing in the afternoon!

Emma N           

The bar has to be the best for Karaoke! Dave will always start things off with his old favourite "Lying Eyes", and up until 10.30, the cocktails are only 2.5 euros, with a free shot that comes with the first round. A brilliant selection of songs to sing, and comfy chairs to sit in while you wait!

Samantha H           

gud 4 karaoke