Bars in Kardamena

Alex Grace

Let me start by saying this is a really good bar, and me and my friends were having a good night.. That was until a rude, violent member of staff, dark haired women, actually grabbed me by the hair and started smashing me against the wall (3 times). Truly disgusting human being and can't believe people behave in such a manner. The excuse of "people behave differently in Greece". No person should think it's acceptable to do this to customers over a misunderstanding. This "women" should be greatful I didn't go to the police and press chargers. Look on your cctv, and then you will also be able to see your security team take excellent control of the situation, puuh carrying me out by my wrists just after I've been smashed against a wall. I will make sure a lot of people here about this, 10 days later and my head still has a bump the size of a cream egg on the side! What a disgusting, foul, disgraceful person you have working here!!!

Courtney K          10/10

Starlight was insane. Whilst I was staying in Kos, Starlight held a paint party which was hands down the best experience of my life! I also went to the foam party which was good (there are only so many times you can get covered in foam before it gets boring!). I would definitely recommend Kardamena, along with Starlight to anyone and everyone who likes to have a good time! Best holiday yet!

Charlotte O          10/10


I got back from Kos 4 days ago and I booked a flight back 2 days ago. I had the most amazing time & have decided to go back for the summer. I fly back out on July 16th.
Starlight re-opened for the season while we were out there and they had a water party! It was brilliant!! They do foam parties on a Wednesday & Saturday.
Make sure that you go to Crossroads on Bar Street and get a "Berry Patch"...They are lush!
Enjoy your summer!

Richard L

me and my mates are of to kardemena and have seen mixed reviews about the place saying music has to be turned of by midnight and mixed reviews on alchol prices in the bars could anyone give me a full review of the place?

Danielle B          10/10

the water party was proper goood just watch out for the irish lads like haha. spoony was good as welll, but id only go in if your fully w**kered.

Jack S          10/10

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Exellent club!!!

I have to say out of all the nightclubs in Kos and all the nightlcubs I have ever been to for that matter, Starlight was the best!!
Not only did have some of the best DJ's but there was a foam party, a water party and a fancy dress night whilst I was there.
The Water party in paticular was fantastic! It was the first Water party I had ever been to but you could dance under the sprinklers and listen to some great music, which varied so there was something for everyone and it was all in all one of the best nights out I have ever had!

Bestprever! B          10/10

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hey people to answer most questions

kardamos is a mental hotel but sort of scaffy so id go for sumit like coolpool
starlight is amazin the whole staff and owner are lovely people also
they do like ur foam parties and water parties and normal nights too
then u have status which is another club but doesnt do anythin like foam parties or that
downtown is ACE thats like all ur funky greece lightenin music and that get a right laugh
always start ur night about ten oclock down barstreet and work ur way along til ur mates are carryin you to the clubs
after the clubs finish get ur bksides to seva a 24 hour pool and bar thats where all the workers meet up aswell so its always dead busy!!
i couldnt tlel u prices as i get in free for workin across there but on foam parties its 20 euros on door or ul easily find a worker handin out tickets for 15 euros
most nights workers wil ahnd u free night club passes b4 half 1 and tht also so just get urself a hold of a worker and ask for one n ul get in free!!

James B          10/10

hey hey starlight was mint!! best club there the foam party was the best nite. got back on the 27th july just wonna go back miss getting pissed every nite loved it there mite even go back next year.

Laura M          10/10

the best club by far.. i went to kos with 4 girls on 16th july for a week :) the water party was amazingggg!!! everyone must go!! also dj spoony... was ace!!

Craig W

hiya am going to kos an i was just woundering how much the clubs are to get in

Panos M

Hey guyzZZZzZZz, Kos will never Die. We expect u all @ kos town @ barstreet @ kardamena @ starlight @ status @ kefalos 4 espresso etc etc... 15 July -  20 August... There is no Way like Kos way... See ya All

Ellie N

i went with 3 girlfriends in july last year. starlight is pretty good- went to the hed kandi party there which was awesome. however dont let your reps rip you off with selling you tickets...get them on the street for cheaper :) we spent 35 i think when other people only made 15 ish.

go to the foam party tho - is amazing. best night ever! dancing 12am-6am. leaving the club as the sunrises...wicked lol.
status overall i thought was a better club to go to everynight- you'll find most of the pr's on the bars will tell you that too.
have fun!

James B

ite ppl me n 4 uther ladz r off 2 kos on the 12th july 08 cant wait not long nw its gonna be awsome defoz going starlight ment 2 be mint anywayz im sure 2 see any1 going wen i do there take care.



Becca J

Hi Bex

The clubs are awesome, especially Starlight!

We went last in June and we're booked to go again this year!

You do have to pay to get in but we went with the 18-30 reps on the crawl every night which means you get in for nothing.


Enjoy! x

Bex T

Ok, so me and my firneds wana go to Kos in july 08, booking it soon to get it sorted

where r the best places to go
also, do u have to pay to get in clubs ....i red u do but i wana know for sure
:D xxx

Michelle M          10/10

jus got bk from kos kardemena had a top time starlight was ravin the foam party was well good. stayed in stergia "stergia stergia" did any 1 go on the 1st of august.

Lindsey W          8/10

just got back from kardemena kos 07!! it rocked looking for club cd from there if any1 can help x

Sapphire H          10/10

We went to starlight 3 times during my holiday. Went to Hed Kandi, the Foam Party, and School Disco. The foamparty was the best event and will never be forgotton...if you are going to go to this event i would advise all girls to wear their bikinis and shoes that stay on your feet , and watch out, the foam really stings your eyes! Hed Kandi was good too but the school disco bored us as the music was mainly from the 80's and 90's so we just stayed for the two hour free bar and left for bar street.  Anyone who was in Kardamena Kos between 27th June and the 4th july please add me on i would like to keep in touch and swap pictures! thanks [x][X][x]

Claire S

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star light was a good club too" liked the msuic and was quiet lively!! go to the foam party! hahahah

Kevin M

starlight was a big ok! hed kandi were average and the foam party was knee high !

 n this shoutout goes to all the bouncers in starlight!!! yeez r all p***ks!! haha! toby!

Amber E          10/10

looking for status/starlight cd for kos 2006 - can anyone help - tried to get it while out there but every time we went to starlight the dj never had any copies!

amber xxx

David R           

oh god i tell u wat, i loved this placed. especially wen the foam party was on i used to feel the boys bums hehe, it was so funnny. i used feel there lengths and they used to think it was girls lmao. god i am so cool i also met a really hot man ova there. we shared sum quality time 2gether especially on the beach fwoa.

thanks guys xxxxxx

Billie J           

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The Foam Party will be the best night of your life!!! Its amazing! When ppl say the foam goes above ur head u dnt believe them bt it actuali does click to enlargeand its such a good nite out! Don't wear your best clothes cos they'll get ruined bt u end up takin dem off so either wear a bikini or knickers!!!  

Best Night in Kos!!

Kerry C           

this is good.... expensive.... hed kandi is amazing,,, i loved it woooooo, love it!!