No Name Bar

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Alexandra W          9/10

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first visited no name in 2003...and 3yrs later 2006 not much has changed!taz is still there....and hi to jamie,thanx for signing our legs!!!!had a wicked time..must remember us the girls who invented the drink called "rebecca!"

keep safe lots of love,
alexandra and gemma(manchester)


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Loved No Name bar!

The staff r wkd n the music is wkd!

Claire N           

no name is wicked... not just sayin that coz i work there... but 2 be fair i wunt have gone back 2 work in the same bar for 2 summers if i hated it! no name crew r wicked... the no name massive!! musics ace, thanks to lee the dj... dj tin tin, only sorry im not there now, but gotta c*m home sumtime, wish i was stil livin the dream. all my luv peeps and i'll see u end of season. claire x x x x x x x

Alex o           

hya jamie n ned !!!itz just one of the oldham gals ere!!remember ned we used to luv ure lil dance n " always status " !anyway no name bar was brill coz of the mint PRs !i ad the best hol !!luv ya all xx

Claire D           

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hey kev (ned) and jamie, its the scouser thats always ad a drink in here hand here lol ! i ad such a great time in kos an u guys made it! me n caz will defo be back next year and i will be reunited with my drink lol! aww i was devoed wen we left n felt like cryin

c u lot next year an kev and jamie better still be there
luv n miss yas all
claire the scouser!

Cookie & stringy T           

click to enlargejamie, ned and illios...thanks for the memories, so long, farewell, auf wiedersen. goodbye and best wishes for all those who c*m on you!!!

Caroline D           

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< ------ pics from no name bar of caroline, ken (ned),claire, n jamie

Caroline D           

hiya its the scousers just came back from kos it was amazin i will defo be bk next year 2 see everyone this bar was great especially the beautiful ken (ned)  

Emma C           


Just arrived back from Kos very early this morning!!

Wow what a great name bar was the BEST bar on the street. Us girlies were there every night without fail. Our last night was also Jamie and Neds last night. They have a well deserved one weeks holiday until they fly home, much deserved as they kept us entertained throughout... thanks lads.

Never have I been on holiday where I would welcome a returned visit. EXCELLENT

Love to you all

The no named Girls!!!


first night we went here my mate was parelletic so bless craig for rubbing her back and foggy pouring water over not helpful  whilst she was sick. love it here fiona doing her 7 shots of samboka and katie gettin a shock when she came out the toilet  got sme wicked pics from the nights here thanx guys.

Essex G           

this bar was always a laugh, always ened up here b4 the clubs, does neone have craigs number(barman)thanks

Katy R           

think my last comment was deleted from here coz it was a bit rude!!  hahaha oh and my mates loved this bar, good music and nice, cheap drinks....especially the cocktails!! guaranteed to get you drunk! if ur looking for somewhere to go for a quiet drink, then start ur night here, or if u want somewhere a bit busier try a few other places 1st and then give this one a go! u wont be disappointed!
hi to all the PR's...especially graham  cheers for providing me and my mates with so much entertainment on our holiday! x x x

Andy C           

 yes to all the no name crew jamie, ned, em, sophie, holly and of corse graham u irish p***k!!! remember wen u tried to work opposite me and elliott and couldnt take the heat!!! only joking pal. just remember me, u , skank and elliot getting on the case for the last week pissed all day and night. miss ya already and remember u r filth!!! haha

andy (chilli peppers) xx 

Samantha H           

we went here every night! jamie dint do a gud job savin out seats, haha only joking! just to see Ned do his dance lol, dont worry Ned  we are keeping it going at home haha!! luv sam alex amy n natalie x x x

Sarah C           

Slap and Tickle returned!

The place wont be the same without the usual No Name boys was nice to see you all at some point tho. Nick you are so much happier now you are loved up.
Trigger what happened to my creaming? Im devastated! haha
Gemma and Jamie you're both great ! See you soon!

Joe H           

Sexy PR's

Rhema P           

Best bar in bar street!! The barmen and PR's are fit! The music is pumping and all 11 of us girlies went there every single night without a miss!! We even down-ed a few cocktails on our last night before getting on the plane...had to be done! We'll see ya all very soon guys and girls! Love the 11 Playboy bunnies/ Schoolgirls!! x x x x x x x x x x x

Steve W           

was ere 4 da first 2 weeks of june. wicked bar, cheap drinks good music and wicked staff!
great guys jamie and craig and foggie, and lovely pr dani!
hi 2 u all! definately go to this bar!

Claire B           

I dont no if that matt was looking for this claire!? Blonde hair wiv a brunette friend!

Anyway, definately recommend it here!!! Super strong cocktails... go 4 the no name special!!! brilliant music and fantastic pr's ned and jamie ur brilliant!!!
luv 'n' hugs
x x x

Matt B           

Just got back from Kardamena and it was top drawer! Can't recommend it highly enough - the girls in no name bar were all tanned beauties, especially Claire - i enjoyed comparing bites with you! Let me know if you want to get in touch.

Matt (the tall guy who never you knew what he was drinking)

Tony P           

the workers at no name bar was so happy and jolly always having a laugh even with a dirty fat hangover. just wanna say all of u made me and my mate have a holiday of a lifetime. i just got home this thursday 7nd july and loved it so much im gonna quit my job in the first week in august and im coming back so if theres any job going out there i need one. see u all very soon xxxx tony / east london xx

Tony P           

no name bar was one of the best bars in bar street but then again they were all good no no no not good they were f...... blinding.

Sarah C           

We were there from 8th June til the 15th this was our first bar of the night, as it was last year- good place to start once we had sorted out the Dj with a good choice of tunes. Peyton's Higher Place got us rocking every night! Hi to Craig and Jamie and the gang -remember foam party night? A snog each from Kate the bar cleaner ? tee hee .

Fiona S           

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Hey all, me n my mates went to Kardamena for a week may 25th. hey to all those we met whilst there!

No Name Bar is fantastic. We'd go their every nite, mainly cos of the Sexy PRs!!! Lots of random pics of them were in my camera! lol makes me larf!
I'm back next season, so watch out for me :)

Maud J