Bars in Kardamena

Duncan B          10/10

Kev - How you doing?

Lucy G

natalie mellon i have lost your number and been trying to get in touch with you for ages!!! dont think you will see this but if you do get in touch my email is mwah!!! x

Kevin R          9/10

 any one who remembers me get in touch I went to kos for about 3 or 4 years I worked with del and nikos in bonkers. The longest i was there was may 2004-sept2004 I was the carlisle united fan. I enjoyed my time out there but pleased not gone back out each year anyway get in touch via email on . If anyone has dels number can you forward it I have an appology for him cheers xx


Hey there, stumbled across this site while looking for photos of our trip in 2003.  I spent 2 weeks in bonkers - I remember spending my first night there before watching the sun-rise on the rocks with Lucy.  I met Lucy after our trip (at an Oasis gig in Manchester) and she was as lovely as ever.  Natalie - if you speak to Lucy, can you mention I was asking after her. Would love to get in contact with her again as I dont have her number anymore.  Look forward to hearing from you, and indeed Lucy hopefully.

Lots of love Shaun. x
P.s. Do you speak to Nikki too? She was a right laugh also.

Sam B           

well what can i say! me and my friend jayne went to kardamena at the beginning of sept 05 and had a brilliant time! we found this bar on our first night and loved it straight away!!! the staff were amazing really friendly and made us both feel so welcome!! yes you to patrick!!! yum!!!!!!! they had us in the bar almost every night! gee i wonder why that was! he he! i would recomend this bar to anyone to begin there night out!! both realxed and fun a good place to start as you mean to go on. well what more can i say anyone in kardamena go to bonkers who knows might see ya there. would most definatly go back.

thanks to all the staff tongue yes you 2 patrick!!!!  wink  and for those extra shots! may see you all again some day!

Trudy W           

well wat can i say about bonkers!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved that bar my holiday would have not been the same if i had not got pulled in there to make my own cocktail. i loved everyone in there simon stuart del nikos and of course the lovely pr reps!!!!!!!!!  o'm so sad that i'm back i've already booked my holiday for next year to go back to bonkers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cat G           

Me and 2 mates went Kardamena with club 18-30 at the beginning of July and the reps took us here and we though it was great!  So funny watching the guy from Stanford-Le-Hope squirting the woman selling the bands with the nellie the elephant waterpistols, also the fact that whenever we walked past he would shout 'alright essex' to us! Needed no names, that was enough I guess, haha!  Great place!

Becki P           

Hi, me and 6 mates came back from kos on 6th July. had an absolutely wicked time. went in bonkers most nights, always had a laugh. I was the crazy girl sneaking behind the bar all the time. Loved stu's singing, it was great, miss everyone we met there. would definatly go back

Natalie M           

click to enlarge Hey everyone!!

Its Natalie i worked in Bonkers summer 2004 best summer ever!!
Met so many lovely people, would love to get in contact with any of you.
Have to say i miss del and nikkos so much we were all like a family. Lucy and i speak all the time as i can see Lucy has alot of fans out there.
  Only one complaint and that was the toilets DEL get them sorted!!!!! Love you guys xxx mwah

Zoe B           

does any one know what happened to jay & tj who worked at bonkers summer of 2000. if so ask um to get in touch i worked as a rep in 2000 and often went to bonkers to see del & nico. going back in may so see you all then.

Steph Q           

What can I say??? The guys were like family to me! Del, Nikos you made 3 of my summers. Del, lost me phone mate so if you ever read this thats why I never called!
Music was excellent, drinks were fantastic. I miss those dirty doctor peppers!!! This is the bar that will forever have me asking 'How can i protect you in this crazy world?' eh Del?
Miss you guys!

Georgina B           

Me and my mate stacey were ther from the 4th oct for two weeks and we spent every single night ion bonkers, it was one of the best bars we went to. Will and Stu the pr's were are really fit and so is stu the barman. Del is brilliant thanks for the christmas karaoke session. If you ever go to kardamena you mus vist this bar.
Lucy you are the best we miss our chats with you.

Mike J           

ive just come back from kardamena with my mate vaghan and bonkers was by far the best bar in kardamena by f**kin miles.lucy was brilliant,possibly the nicest girl in kardamena.think i want 2 marry her ha ha.

Elena P           

oh my god bonkers was quality and Will is so fit!!!
Atmosphere was exellent we was there nearly every night

Zahra L           

to summarise bonkers id say; mashpotato, liquid cocaine, dodgy chicken dancin, and p**vy pr's! despite that,ul av an awesome time ere. the comedy duo outside will crack u up(if not, just humour them, theyre fragile!) 2words of advice if ur headin this way is, girls, dont touch wills shoulder if he asks u to, and boys, dont touch stu anywhere if he asks u to!!!!! he,he wot am i now? top of the world......... zahra xxx

Lora B           

well....zoe, laura and jeneanne would like to send there love to chris the pr, harris the barman and hedley the other pr!!! also anyone else, and stu because he has a great a**e!!! thanks for all the free drinks harris....and to sturat....first time i met him tipping away the bottle oif water i had.....cheekyy!! well we came back all the time its great!!

Geordie J           

hey!another geordie jackie here!bonkers is the place 2 b in kos especially when the staff start doing the a team on the middle of the road it is so funny!u have 2 say hi 2 jesus, robbie, chicken stu, del boy and stuart 4 us!n ask stuart 2 sing lots of songs cos he rocks!the music in here is brilliant and u will b going bk every night!luv jen (aka jackie 7) xxx

Jackie 6           

hey! well 8 ov us geordie lasses went to kos and had a wicked time! the staff at Bonkers were excellent, very friendly and mad! Del we're defo coming back next year to work for you, lol, so watch out. Chicken Stu, Jesus and Robbie, brilliant PR's, sexy 2! if you go to Bonkers you've gotta have a liquid cocaine, u'll remember nothing! haha. well me and the Jackies loved Kos and are ready to be full-time PR's, n kty, lol. bye bye x

Geordie J           

Hey guys!Geordie Jackies here! remember us?? had an absolutely wkd time in Kos and went 2 bonkers every single nite, was amazin! had a gud sing song,plenty of shots and a liquid cocaine, which gets you mortal! miss u guys soooo much...Del, leah, natalie, jesus (marcus)and dirty chicken stu! wish we were stil there,thanx 4 a FAB holiday! xxx

Joanne D           

It was great to have a bar that wasnt playing RnB music, the people who worked there were really nice and friendly especially Lucy. Made great cocktails and gave the most shots.

Andrew C           

Fantastic host in Del made the evenings with his cocktails and bottle juggling. Friendliest and most welcoming bar in town.

Chris S           


I worked there in the summer of 2001. does anyone have Del's e-mail address?


oh yeah, my email address is get in touch xxx


hi, if you lot ever read check this website its katharine (i worked in bonkers this summer...i'm sure you wouldn't forget). i miss u all lots and would love to hear from you! you'll do! john, u better get in touch with me or i'll poke u in the eye. me, caroline and lucy are getting together v soon and it'd be great to see u. thanks for making my summer special xxxx

Busty B           

does anybody remember seeing a young lady with brown curly hair and a short denim skirt fall over in bonkers bar, the first week in september some time. This was me, and as i banged my head and knocked myself out have no idea what happened. I would be grateful if someone could let me know if they saw anything! I also gashed my leg and have a lovely seven inch scar! Bonkers bar was great fun, see you next year guys!!!