Hollywoods - (Bars in Kardamena)

Claire B           

Big heylo to joey, ben and jemma (and jemmas dog!)

Brilliant bar for that last stop in the way back to the hotel!!!
definatley call in on the guys!!!
hope ur all well, remember joey... stags quiz monday 9pm!!!!
loadsa luv and french knickers!

No Name Bar - (Bars in Kardamena)

Claire B           

I dont no if that matt was looking for this claire!? Blonde hair wiv a brunette friend!

Anyway, definately recommend it here!!! Super strong cocktails... go 4 the no name special!!! brilliant music and fantastic pr's ned and jamie ur brilliant!!!
luv 'n' hugs
x x x

Amazon - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Claire B           

The whole amazon experience was terrible. dodgy shrimp 4 starters, minced beef (if it was actually beef) disguised as steak and rola cola! really not worth the 15 euro! totally revolting!

Camelot - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Claire B           

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Really enjoyed the food here, went back 3 times! definately try the salmon!

Day trip to Turkey - (Kos Excursions)

Claire B           

the day started badly, as we would be going to another  country we decided to book the trip with kosmar and were totally ripped off, told we would be going on the hydrofoil, turned out to be more of a tug boat! Rude obnoxious turkish men gave me hassle all day, being blonde did not help at all, the bazzarr was rediculous, you're best to stay in the shops in the town, very easy to haggle with the men but be carefull as they do not like being told no!ended up coming back to kos very fustrated and annoyed. I would advise all women to take a man with them!