Harleys - (Bars in Kardamena)

Paul E           

Thanx for a great time. All Kelly stole was all the blokes hearts. screach, thanxs for the great table service. Squirel stop hiding all the drinks. Dennis is the geezer. Neil is a funny fisherman fishing for funny fish. Emma your a star. Chris "where is the love". Heidi, good luck in Italy. see you all next year, have a good winter.

Bonkers - (Bars in Kardamena)

Paul E           

Thanks for the shots guys. Chris and John, thanks for showing us a good time. "Did I say that or think it".

Lush - (Bars in Kardamena)

Paul E           

sam and dave the greek mafia are coming for you.

Dinoris Studios - (Accommodation in Kardamena)


Went out in october and really dissapointed with the accomadation.
The resort could not have been better though.This year I will be staying at SEVA, which has outdoor and indoor pool 24 hour bar and is full of young up for it people unlike dinoris which is like a old peoples home, Hannah if you can change your accomadation I would, if not don't fret as I'm sure you will have a good time on the island.

Kardamena Resort - (Resorts on Kos)

Paul E           

stayed in kardemena 03 looking for work out there from april 04
please send any tips,advise or funny stories to paule@merseymail.com