Old River Restaurant

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Neil C          9/10

It's been about 3 yrs since we last visited Kos so a return trip is well overdue! We have been about 3 times and love Kos town and can honestly say this is one of the best places to eat around. Joseph is also a very genuine and hardworking guy who enjoys life, all his staff are good as well including the guy who looks after the beach chairs. Joseph I hope you are still busy and that life is good for you. Maybe my wife and I will se you in 2014? Good luck my friend!

Anette Ö          10/10

Hello Joseph and family ! Have been at Kos for 23 times, and the best restaurang in Kos are Old River. Best food best stuff and itīs all the best !! Last time I Was there Was in August-07, but I will come back soon!! All my love to you from Sweden!!

Alison S          10/10

NEVER MIND AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE!  This is a FANTASTIC place to go if you want friendly, family atmosphere.  Joseph the owner, works really hard to please customers and those returning year after year.  He has the ability to remember names and faces of every customer after ten years has elapsed! His Gran and Mother work hard in the kitchens from dawn til dusk preparing fresh food and catering for the needs of the travellers (even the bloody awkward English limited tastes!). He will go to any lengths to please and to be pleasant to his customers, providing a traditional greek family atmosphere. 
The only reason not to go here is if you have no sense of humour like the  'avoid like the plague' man who obviously doesn't!  Because Joseph is a family man, loves kids, couples and people and is a real greek experience as it should be of course.  This is not to be missed if you are visiting Kos.
Go Joseph !! - You deserve it, and All our Congratulations on the birth of your son.   x x

Katie, carrie & sherry           10/10

This place rocks, we ate here several times.  Josef the owner is really funny  and makes you feel very welcome.  The food is lovely as well.

You can also spend the day on his beach and you will be looked after very well by Dragga.

Mick C          1/10

avoid this one like the plague. We payed for fillet steak but received some fatty meat with a packet sauce thrown over it served with frozen chips and frozen veg. The owner was rude. I can see how a lot of tourists would fall for his loud mouth banter and wise cracks but i reccomend that you give this one a miss and save your money for somewhere with better food ,like maybe mcdonalds or something.

Paula W           

At the Old River you get the best food and service!

Joseph (the owner), his Mother and Grand Mother and don't forget Uncle Ali give you al lovely night at their Taverne...
If you want to look at the website: www.oldriver.tk

Johann S           

An excellent place to have a good greek dinner and drnink! Josef.....he is as he is and his mother makes the best food in Kos!

Lisa S           

I walked past the Old River restaurant on the way to the beach one day with my partner and the owner Josef came over to chat to us and give us his card.  Thought he seemed a nice guy and the place looked nice so we went back that night for a meal.  The food was really nice-my partner had the Bekri meze, which tasted to me like a chicken curry and I had the lamb kleftiko, which was like a hot pot with carrots, lamb, potatoes and feta cheese melted on top of it-fab!  Josef was really friendly and jokey and came over to chat as he did with all of the customers.  He also called a taxi for us when we had finished, which arrived straight away.  Shame we were going home the next night or we would have gone back again.

Brian C           

After a recommendation, we walked to Joseph's on our first day. What a wonderful warm hearted guy, very genuine and full of mischief. It was one of our highlights and we kept returning.The taverna is just like one big family occasion.We found new friends from across Europe and Scandinavia.
Also when I was suffering from the extreme heat during the day, he had one of his staff run back to my hotel in his car.

Tony A           

Filinoy & Zouroudi Street, by the beach at the start of Lambi(Lampi)
Telephone: 0030-2242 020191

The Old River is a real family-business, and Josef, the owner, is always there with his big smile to welcome you.
His Mother and grandmother prepare the food. The menu here is large, with a great variety of meals to choose from, both Greek and International. We had Saganaki,( Fried Cheese ) a Greek Salad, and Stifado.( Beef Stew with onions ), ands lots of Ouzo!
Josef is one hell of a character who is always joking with his guests, pay him a visit I am sure that you will enjoy the experience.
Tony Ainsworth - July 2004.


The Old River is the best restaurant in Kos!!!! We like Joseph and his familie. The food is very good! When you've been there once... you always come back! Look at the site from Old River.
See you at the Old River

Jonathan W           

Joseph, the owner is excellent. He looks after you well (as do all
the staff)

The food is very good.

Also go to Old River Beach across the road from the Old River
Taverna. Joseph or his staff will serve drinks & food on the
beach and again he will look after you.

Mandi D           

It was our first time in Kos and Greece (great experience, and lovely people!) We have just returned today :0( but Joseph and his staff at the old River will hold very fond memories in our hearts for a long time. He is smashing and the rest of the staff made myself , hubby and kids feel very welcome. It is a must if you are in Kos town, lovely food, great atmoshsphere and lovely people......smashing!........until next year.

Steve M           

Joseph, the owner, and his lovely family welcomes you on the best way possible, Our children love him.
food is excellent.
see you soon, very soon in three days from now


Jolanda G           

this is the place to be!
I walked on the street until joseph walk to me and said 'you must be a Jolanda' it scared the hell out off me because he was right when he noticed that he was schocked to! whe ate there almost every day!
Always making fun of/with you !!

It was great!

Jan R           

Sorry about that little mistake of not ticking the right box, everything is exellent here: The food, service and the prices!
Just try it out, it won't disappoint you!

Jan R           

Coming to Kos for vacation, means lot's of rest, good food and drinks! We've travelled to Greece since 1985 and this restaurant, "Old River" in Kos is one of our favourites. Joseph, the owner, and his lovely family welcomes you on the best way possible!
The menu here is big, with a great variety of meals to choose from. If you're a fan of Kalamari{squids}, they can be enjoyed at it's best here, fresh, from end of september/start of october. The Tzatziki they have here is absolutely the best there is! One of our favoutite main courses is greek, and called ADANA. Contains three big meatballs{called KEFTEDES}, laid on top of three garlic roasted pieces of bread,garlic sauce, served together with rice, baked potatoe and chips! Absolutely delightful!We could go on and on, describing all the courses in the menu, because we've been through 90% of them! The food, atmosphere, drinks, fun & jokes, everything served and provided for by Jopseph and his lovely family, will for sure benefit and improve your holiday in Kos! And you will always come back here, a piece of "Old River" will forever stay inside you!

Susanne S           

Old River is THE best restaurant in Kos. Joseph who owns the restaurant is very nice. Our children loves him. And the food is excellent.

Kriszta M

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