Italian Garden Restaurant

Restaurants in Kos Town

Aidan B          5/10

I ate here on my recent trip to Kos (July 2010) The food is very expensive and was expecting the food to match the price tag and guess what it didnt. Pizzas came in at 15 Euros and were satisfactory. I had mussels to start which were expensive and i only got a handful , and for main I had an expensive seafood main course which came 45 minutes after the rest of my parties. Suffice to say i didnt pay for it. I felt sorry for our waiter he was really nice but there were alot of customers not happy with the service they recieved.

Id give the food here 7 out of 10 . It does have the potential to be a very nice place to eat its really nice out the back in their courtyard but their kitchen and price list needs  working on , either provide food at the quality to match the high prices or bring prices down to match the food.

The restaurant was packed but i doubt these were repeat customers just broguht in by the front of house garble and due to its location it probably gets alot of first time passing trade.

I dont think i would revisit this restaurant if i returned to Kos.

Mick C          8/10

  Good fresh food in a lovely setting with good service.

Nic N

hi can anyone tell me where to find this restaurant? thanks

Leanne M           

Italian garden restaurant was the best in Kos town! Sit in the garden, it is sooo beautiful, just plants surrounding you! They do proper italian food and that is so good your body wants more and more! Me and my lil' bro shared a cheese and tomato pizza which was about 12-15 inches whilst my mum and grandma ate a hawaii pizza. For pudding I had a huge chocolate ice cream, yum! I recomend this restaurant to everyone- enjoy!

Marie S           

Also known as Otto e Mezzo.  Went back here twice as it was so good!  The food is all home cooked and the fresh pizzas are huge!!!  I'd definately recommend asking to be seated in the garden at the back which has a lovely atmosphere compared to the hustle and bustle of the street at the front. 

(22/06/2006-06/07/2006 from UK)

David M           

Our favourite restaurant. Sit in the garden at the rear and enjoy the food. Absolutely incredible. The waiters remembered us from last year. If you only go to one restaurant for quality of food make it The Italina Garden Restaurant (Otto Mezzo)

Try the Cherry Cheesecake - Fantastic

Scott M           

Absolutely fantastic. A little pricey, but definitely well worth it. We were staying in Tigaki, and came through to Kos Town for a night; and just happened to stumble upon this restaurant - what luck that was. You must try it...