Broadway Cafe

Restaurants in Kos Town

John B          10/10

Two more visits in June 08. No change - superbly cooked food with huge portions and excellent service at very reasonable prices

Brian I          10/10

The meals here are beautiful, very good quality.So is the accomodation above.

John B          10/10

Two more visits in October 07. The food here is stunning with huge portions beautifully cooked and thoughtfully served The place was full both nights and  a number of Greek people from the area came in for takeaways - they obviously know a good thing, The fish and chips here is superb not to mention huge and the steak with onions will fill the hungriest. I think their white house wine is the best we have had in Kos by a mile. And all this at very modest prices. I thoroughly recommend it

John B          10/10

How come this place only rates 6 out of 10. Every review gave it "excellent" except for two who hadn;t actually been but were enquiring for directions. For food and value is must be 10/10. We called again twice in June 2007 and the food was first class as was the welcome and the prices are modest too.All of the outside tables were full both nights and quite a few of the inside tables too. you can't say that about many places in KOs in June!

Les K          10/10

We called in here for a mid-day snack and were greeted warmly.  My wife chose to have Bacon, Eggs and Chips whilst I went with the Greek Salad and Souvlaki in Pitta.  As per the comments of last year, the quality of the food has continued to be of a high standard and plenty of it.  Other guests at the Hotel we were staying at, tried the Main meals and recommended that we went back for an evening meal, alas we didn't but we certainly will do so, should we return to Kos at a future date.

John B           

Visted again in October 06. No change from our last visit. Just excellent

Philippa and colyn D           

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if you want to eat some where where you feel welcomed relaxed then this is the place,,,,,,,,,kally and her familiy prepare the most deliciouse food,,,,,,,we ate there every night for tea and couldnt move afterwards,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,massive thumbs up for kally and co,

John B           

Good food, well cooked, very friendly people. Excellent as usual. It says a lot for them when you consider they maintain the restaurant during the winter for the local Greeks - they couldn't do that if the quality was not first class. Expect HUGE portions

James F           

 I ve been to kos 9 times by now. broadway is the only place i never miss to visit. the best meal in town,best people and best atmosphere. Kally and Giannis are very friendly and helpuf, make your dinner a unique experience. Kostas the Chef is a well know chef in Greece and has worked in several restaurants in New York in the past. i believe its a place u have to visit when u go to Kos. Best restaurant in Greece

John B           

Situated almost on a tree lined street 300 yards from Kos harbour this isn't the easiest place to find but it is well worth the trip. The food is quite excellent with huge portions and friendly service and modest prices. Try the fish and chips - they reminded me of how they used to taste with thin crispy batter and two magnificent sole fillets cooked to perfection. Only try the mixed grill if you are starving - they like to see their portions uneaten so expect a bit of friendly ribbing if you can't manage it.

 Coming from the Dolphin roundabout on the right hand corner of the harbour front take the first right (at the traffic lights) and continue for about 300 yards. Broadway (sometimes known as Kallys after the apartment block above it) is on the right.

Alison R           

We were told to go here by a greek water at our hotel andyes the food was lovely and yes is cheap and yes the owners are lovely but it lacks the atmosphere of alot of the other places to eat in town.

Hayley R           

This is the nicest restaurant in Kos Town! The food is fantastic, the staff are very friendly, Kally, the owner makes you feel very welcome and we returned a few times whilst we were there.  

Katy W           

here you will receive the friendliest service!!! the food is great as is the atmosphere!!!

Peter C           

Yes Kallys apartments are above Broadway restaurant, check the thomson just brochure for more info

Angie H

Any information on Kallys appartments please. I believe they are above the Broadway restaurant/cafe.

Richard F

sounds worth a visit - can anyone give directions or address - we know Kos Town fairly well

Lara S           

Food is great and the people who worked there even better. Never felt so welcome.

John P           

can't believe this place only gets 4 out of is great, try the broadway mixed grill........or any dish on the menu, I have tried nearly all of them, (been going to Kos for 12 years now), and this is probably one of the best restaurants in Kos. Costas (head chef, and owner) has cooked for Onassis, say no more.......

Natalie L           

If you are going to Koz town you have to try this place.We were there most nights. They sell mouth watering food. You have to try the Broadway salad it is gorgeous! If your staying at the Oscar or Aegean it i not so far, it is def a must!!