Don Antonios

Restaurants in Kos Town

Lisa S           

After a week of pigging out on Greek meats myself and my partner really fancied some pasta and we thought an Italian restaurant would do it best, so we came here.  My partner had a spag bol, which was smaller than expected and didnt have much mince but was tasty nonetheless and I had a four cheese (feta, gorgonzola, mozzerrella and edam) calzone pizza, which was huge and also very tasty.  The bread they give you on the table before the meal was toasted and quite nice but again small portions and after we finished I fancied a dessert to fill me up, only to be told they were all off, except tiramisu.  The staff were ok but not as friendly as the others we met during the week, so I probably wouldnt recommend it, unless you really really want a pasta dish you cant get elsewhere.