Restaurants in Kos Town

Trasie P           

having been a rep on kos for 4 years i know in the past pavlos was a bit rubbish but now maggie has taken over the food is fab the atmosphere is great the staff are so helpful. trust me if you dont like your meal there ill pay for it (offer expired 31/12/04 haha)
I think she might be changing the name to maggies kitchen
see you summer 2005 baby

Jan R           

Hauling waiters, urging you to sit down and have a meal, can be to much sometimes. In this place it was! At the end it almost became annoying. The food we ordered was not as expected. We ordered swordfish for us, and spaghetti bolognese for the kids. The fish was kind'a wet, like fried in to much oil, and was not at all as expected. The spaghetti was almost cold and not thoroughly cooked.No, we're sorry to say so, but we hated it! The waiters were everywhere else exept at our table as we struggled to ask for the bill! Bad service, bad food and average prices!