Nikos and Contessa

Restaurants in Kos Town

Michel I          10/10

We have eaten by Nikos en Contessa twice and it was very good. Nikos shows all kind of tricks and the children loved it. The food is excellent and theo are all very friendly.

Because of the all inclusive hotels it's not easy for them to survive. So if you have enough of your all inclusive dinner then go to Nikos en Contessa. You won't regret it

Margaret T          10/10

We've just returned from a two week holiday staying at the Aristo in Salides, Kos. We discovered the Nikos and Contessa shortly after arriving and think on average we must have ate there maybe 10 out of the 14 nights! Its more than just good food (which it really is) we didnt have one disappointing meal, they were all delicious and the service is first class. The owner is called Miltos (not sure of the spelling but pronounced as that) the most lovely man who professes to 'not know much English!' he actually speaks very good English but is hilarious with his one liners and catch phrases -' Thank you for your smiles, thank you for your money, good sex and good night!!' He also comes round with a huge bottle of Ouzo (Greek water) and pours it into your mouth (if your willing which we were!!) the waiter is called Edmund and again is a lovely, lovely man. We were really sad to say goodbye to these people but will return next year without fail. If you holiday in Salides please give this restaurant a chance - you wont regret it.

Teresa W          10/10

 this restaurant opened in 2001 in Psalidi. we had the privilege of having a look around when nikos was having it built . we went back again in aug 2005 and what a transformation  , its clean  very friendly and a great night , nothing is too much for the staff  (no poorly tums here and we ate here nearly every night ) their menu has a good range ,greek ,german, italian and english . we are going back in aug cant wait,taking with us the english mustard that they like .