Restaurants in Kos Town

Marie S           


To find Milos:  Coming from Lambi towards Kos Town, take the road on the left before the road for the main Lambi beach (it has a small blue sign on the corner for Milos Beach Cafe).  Follow the  road down and you cant miss it on the left).

It is tucked away from the main tourist beach and I would describe at as the young locals hidden secret!  A very funky beach bar!  You know that if you are anyone it is the place to be seen, as the entrance has a full length mirror as you walk in!:o).  We chanced apon it during the day and found ourselves to be the only foreigners there among the young and beautiful!  Its the place to be if you have a pair of heels and a bikini!
It is set in front of a mill and has 3 bars shaded by white parasols and sailing sheets, on dark wooden decking. Walk down to the beach passed the sand football pitch - where the local teams play and the sand tennis court.
If you want to get away from it all, relax and be trendy, this place is perfect! 
(22/06/2006 - 06/07/2006 - from UK)