Restaurants in Kefalos

Leena B          3/10

We always use here but this year 2013 the staff had changed and there was no atmosphere shame really food not as much effort put in .

Paula W           

 We have been going to Kefalos each year twice a year for ages - no longer eat anywhere else - treated like part of family from day 1 ! Food excellent and you can have as little or much as you want . I got married out there in October and we had our meal there after it was brill greek dancing ouza the works. I'd a pretty crap year and they (with all our friends out there) made my wedding a day to remember Would receomend to all

Bryan S           

Rated the oldest taverna in town by the rough guide, that accolade is claimed by Captain Johns next door.  Stamatia has an enormous menu set up on a giant board outside. It is excellently located by the sea.  Unfortunately the quality of the cooking was a bit disappointing for us.  It also felt a bit impersonal compared to other places.  Perhaps we just had a bad experience because it certainly kept busy enough during our fortnight in the resort. 

Danielle L           

Excellent Greek plate in here. Grilled food. Wonderful. The most beautiful views. We went there for breakfast one morning and it was breathtaking!

A W           

Lovely reataurant - quite upmarket (relatively) with excellent service and excellent food - including a nice garlic potato dish in place of chips

Karen & paul J           

First ate here in 1999 and went back on the first night of our holiday this year - thought it was ok until we tried somewhere else and didn't go back

Linda C           

although the setting was very nice, on the beach looking at the moonlit sky, was very disappointed in the meal and was a little more expensive than any of the others.  i had the pork and husband had the swordfish.  when the meal arrived that was really all that was on the plate the main part of the meal and some sort of potatoe/ sauce no vegetable or anyother accompanyment

June T           


Mary P           


Allison C           

Myself and my son ate here one evening and were really impressed! He had the spagetti bolgnese and I had the spagetti special. It was out of this world! The staff were very friendly and helpful and the meal was definitley value for money. I wanted to eat there again before the end of our holiday but we didn't get round to it.

Monty M           

Very much enjoyed our meal at Stamatia. It was recommended by apartment neighbours and we were not disappointed. Superb location on the beach but as good as the food was, and only staying the week, we only ate there the once.

Gary S           

We only ate here a couple of times as someone had recommended the Liver. I can honestly say that it was the best liver I had eaten and returned to have it again before we went home.
The service was alot quicker and slicker than the other restaurants we ate in.
The staff were always pleasnt and that made for an ejoyable experience.

Martin & esther S           

Following the recommendations on this web site we ate here on our first night, and then returned on our last night. The location is unbeatable, as it’s one of only a couple of restaurants located right on the beach. As you sit at your table you look out over the sand and hear the waves lapping at the shore, instead of the noise of scooters racing up and down the coast road.
The staff here are first class. There is a man assisted by two ladies who are all delightful and utterly professional and genuinely friendly. They work seamlessly together to take your order, deliver your food and attend to you throughout your meal. They made a great fuss of our two daughters, particularly Bill, who returned to tease our 3 year old at regular intervals throughout the meal. This was concluded by a request from him for them to follow him into the back and they emerged with two large complimentary ice cream deserts.
Now down to the food – as vegetarians we were somewhat restricted but had various starter dishes, pizza, pastas and Greek salads. All the food was excellent. The cost for 2 adults and 2 children for starters, main meals with wine/drinks averaged 29-33 Euros, which we thought was good value for money. In our view, Stamatia is among the best restaurants in the resort and is highly recommended.

Toya R           

Only ate here once I had the carbonara which was far too sickly and I threw up later that night. My husband and son enjoyed their meal, think I was just unlucky.

Albert H           

holiday'd in kefalos x4 ate here almost every night as hard to get service, quality, and value for money anywhere else. If you have small appetite more than willing to modify meal to suit your needs, anthoula,marianne and vesparaeds?? (call me bill) always with a smile and joke.

Karen P           

A table for two right on the beach. What a beautiful place to dine.The food is fantastic and so is the service. Great value for money.

David J           

Mary-Anna and Billy make you feel very welcome,Tony the owner has just replaced the Chef with his wife and standards have not changed.All the meals we had were very good if a bit pricey but then again what a location, right on the beach.I now have the House wine with my meals which is 1.80 a half litre, the Mythos is 2.20 for a bottle that costs .80 in the supermarket and this was the same in most
restaurants.Check out the new Kitchen and toilets they are both spotless

Marj B           

The food was excellent. The menu was extensive and varied and we never ate the same thing twice. The waiters were efficient, friendly and knowledgeable, particularly about the wine which can be a bit “hit or miss” in Greece. I highly recommend the Beef Stifado.

Karen & paul J           

Ate here most nights of our week's stay - absolutely brilliant. One of the best spaghetti carbonara we've ever tasted!

Natalie S           

Excellent!!! The Greek Plate and the meatball dish were fantastic! The soups were home cooked and tasty..chicken soupbest I have tasted in a while. Prices were good and the staff were very freindly. It is also right on the beach and the view is lovely. We went there on our first night and regretted that we did not go back on thelast night as we were keen to sample other restaurants just for the cuisine experience. Stop In is also excellent too.

John N           

ate here second night and went back again b4 we came home, again, lovely sevice,food and all at a good price.

Karen L           

we had a lovely meal here the last night of our holiday. We were certainly not disappointed with this restaurant. The service here was some of the best we encountered during our saty in Kefalos.

D P           

we went twice on our hols the best food we had in kefalos, the staff were friendly the food was good right on the beach with the moon shining down, plus value for money if your in kefalos well worth a visit

Martin H           

Just returned from Kefalos this morning Stamatia what a beautiful resteraunt lovely veiws.Ate there 7 nights out of 14 will definitely return

Linda C           

The food here was beautiful. The spaghetti marinara was the best I have ever had before. The staff are all friendly and the restaurant is situated right on the beach with no road in front of it, just the sand to the shore. Thoroughly recommend it.