Restaurants in Kefalos

Dj1706 Jaschke          10/10

We just got back from Kos (20/06/2013) and had 9 perfect meals at Hub's!
Boby managed to be the perfect host and his brother in law Boby cooked us super delicious fresh fish and garlic potatoes.

Thanks to both of you. You made our holiday and Kos experience very special

Helen B          10/10

Fabulous fresh homecooked food, an absolute treat! something for everyone Very friendly and welcoming Eaten at most places in Kamari but Hub's goes straight to the top of the list!!

Arthur C          10/10

Hello Bob just a few lines to say thank you for 12 nights of wonderful food the other 2 nights we went somewhere else till we found you.Thanks again bob for being so nice and a wonderful host all the best to you and your family.King arthur jen susan Sophie xxx The T Bone steaks were awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Just B

The food was pretty good (especially pasta verde and a veggie pasta bake) but it was always very quiet and service was quite slow.

Keith C          10/10

click to enlarge Have been to Kos twice, love Keflos the food in Hubs is the best,

Bob the owner is very funny and has become a good friend of ours.
We look forward to seeing him again in Sept, had the best steak i have ever had in Hubs don`t go home without trying this place.
The Greek dishes are so tastey.

Keith C

Have been to Kos twice, going back in Sept this year.

Would like to say that the food in Hubs is the best we have had.
The Greek dishes are wonderfull, and the owner Bob has become a good friend off ours.
Don`t go home without trying Hubs, i hade the best steak there i have ever had.
The other question i read about naturist beaches Magic is the only official one.

Caroline M          10/10

Almost missed out on this place, thought it looked like a cafe rather than restaurant.

But sooooo glad we gave it a go - it was the best wine, the friendliest owner, awesome food and probably the best atmosphere of the whole holiday. We were planning our next visit there while we were still eating.

John A

Tried a breakfast there once, truely awful, don't risk it, better food elsewhere. 

Peter S          9/10

We ate here 4 times in our week in Kefalos.The range of pasta dishes was excellent and the sauces were very good.Excellent choice for vegetarians therefore with plenty of choice including decent pizzas.The range of Greek dishes was limited.Service excellent and the staff friendly and welcoming.

Kathryn W          6/10

Whilst the food at Hub's is excellent, the service is not as up to scratch as it has been in our past experience.

Our advice would be that if it looks to be fairly busy then  you should give it a miss, and try it out when it looks to be quieter- because when the restaurant has a few diners the service tends to go downhill and you wait a long time for your food (we waited nearly an hour for starters on our last visit there) and when you do eventually get the food it is not half as nice as the usually high standards of Hub's.
We recommend you try the Chicken Fillet Rolled Filled, Pepper Steak and Garlic Mushrooms- as these dishes have always been lovely. The owner is very hospitable and the place itself has a nice atmosphere- however, as mentioned previously, if you go on a busy night, don't expect anything too fantastic- as we were disappointed.
Kathryn & Ian.

Kim B           

You must seek out this restaurant. The food is fabulous, fresh and interesting. It is very well priced and the dining experience is completed by the enthusiasm and bubbly character of the owner. This is not one to be missed.  

Bryan S           

click to enlargeWe liked Hubs and ate here three times in a fortnight.  It isn't the best located taverna but makes up for it with the friendliest maitre-d we came across.  The food (with the exception of a dull pink taramsalata) was consistently excellent.  They have a wide range of chicken breast dishes including a number of sauces that you don't come across in other local tavernas.  Lisa gave the Hungarian sauce a big thumbs up.  Roasted lamb excellent.  Charcoal grilled meats also excellent.  Someone else said that they couldn't get a carafe of wine here but I had no problems.  No Greek cofee though - just the ubiquitous Nescafe.


Gren T           

considering for the last two years we have holidayed at the resort of kefalos it was not till our last night this year sat 19th august we have tried hub's we had until then mainly dined at scorpios and found everything spot on.the difference with hub's is the friendly ambiance and sheer delight  he exudes the moment you walk in he deems it an honour  that you have chosen to frequent his premises,and ouses enthusiasm if asked his recommendations on certain dishes.only sorry we had not tried this restaurant at an earlier date,still we now know for future visits.
keep up the good standards.

Ross P           

An excellent resturant with excellent service.

A place we also resorted back to if we wanted a definate good meal.
Bobby wil make you laugh and give you great service also.

Natale C           

Great place to eat with choices of pastas, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, pizzas, traditional Greek...definitely a place you could visit every night and enjoy never having the same thing twice. The guy who runs it is really friendly and helpful. Although you can have a wait sometimes and I wished the plates were cleared a bit sooner, it is always busy which is a good sign. It got to the point that everyone at our apartments was eating there at night and we'd arrange to go at the same time to eat together. It's family run and conversation covered the history of Greece through to restaurant wide debates about 'little green men'. Definitely recommend Hub's and if we go back it will be the first place we head for! 

Mary L           

Over 8 years of holidays in Greece (including 6 in Kefalos) his was the only Greek taverna we have ever been in where you aren't given a basket of bread to go with your meal!  We had to ask for it then it was brought over.  Also, it wasn't possible to buy wine in a carafe, just "expensive" bottles.  I know they're not expensive compared to the UK but everywhere else in Kefalos seemed to be able to provide carafes.

Food was okay, we both had pasta.  We can't work out why this restaurant had such good reviews though and felt that it wasn't worth the money.

Anthony P           


Dianne B           

Hubs - what can I say. Been to Kefalos 6 times now, and Hubs is definately the place to eat.

Mostly basic steaks, chicken, lamb etc - what makes the difference is the sauces, they are out of this world, and pasta to die for!
Never had a bad meal, didn't eat anywhere else for the 2 weeks of our last visit - shows how good the food is!
Bobby, the owner is a wonderful, very friendly character (turns slightly into Basil Fawlty during busy periods!)

Laura B           

You should definitely visit Hubs at least once while in Kefalos. The service was excellent, the food was great and it was also just across the road from where we stayed.

Carol S           

Just like to say I am just back from Kos. We visited Hubs twice and have to agree the service and food was excellent and cooked to perfection. We had 8 in our party and the owner remebered we had been in before and what we all drank, took our order by memory and placed the correct order in front of everyone. He is amazing. We all had two drinks, two had a starter, we all had a main meal and the total bill came to 98.00 Euros, excellent value for money. Oh and everyone cleared their plates.
We hope to return next year to Kefalos and will certainly be visiting Hubs.

David B           

a great place to eat. steaks cooked to perfection. red wine excellent. all food very tasty. no complaints.highly recommended. owner has a very good memory as he remembers what you drink each time you visit and also remembers what you want to eat without writing it down. there were 12 in our party and he never forgot a single order.

Veronica H           

  Once again  went to hubs [third year] great food We took our daughter with us [nearly 7] and what ever she wanted he would cook. Always intresting to listen to great advice, to the food is freshly cooked hence the wait, NO UPSET TUMS FROM THIS PLACE. give HUBS a go by the way he does breakfast

Wendy F           

We tried the pizza's in hubs and they are amazing, i've never had feta cheese on a pizza but after trying it there, i'll be doing it again. The waiter was really funny and made us feel really welcome. We're hopefully going back to Kefalos next year and we'll be going back to hubs again.

Donna G           

You have got to eat at Hubs. The chef is fantastic and Bob is great. He'll make you feel welcome time and time again. We discovered Hubs on our 4th night and only tried one other place. Nowhere else comes close to being this good. All of the Chicken dishes are devine. You'll see the same people night after night, everyone keeps coming back. We're planning on going back to Kefalos and will definitely be visiting Hubs.

Veronica H           

hubs is a great place to eat he will tell you about the different foods and the ingrediants. he will also tell you tales about kefalos and recomend best places to car hire, where to go and other places to have a drink. the restraunt is very clean you can see the food being cooked, we are gonig back for the third time to hotel zues and paying hubs a visit again pop in and see for yourself