Restaurants in Kefalos

Terry A          10/10

very nice kleftico this time out and good service

Val S          10/10

Excellent restaurant right on beach front with lovely views, food was excellent as well.

Terry A

well one meal this time but will remember it

Tony A          10/10

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On the beachfront, not far from the little roundabout and Baywatch Water-sports
When I visit Kamari Bay, Kefelos I always stop at The Argo, the staff are very good and one of the ladies is very friendly and has a great smile, she told me that last winter she went to Italy and Venice and she enjoyed her visit.
The Argo is in an excellent position overlooking the beach, see the photograph above of the view that you get whilst enjoying a great meal. I had a very nice bekre meze of spiced pork, and my friend had a grilled fish which was very good, and we both had it served with a Greek salad.
Overall we found the food and the prices very good, although you have to remember that last year we were getting about 145 euros to the  UKú  and this year it is only about 119 euros, so that has put the prices up, but it is no fault of the Greeks, it is the very weak  UKú.
Tony Ainsworth - July 2008
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Terry A          10/10

Must say super meals every time especially the octopus nice taverna nice people.

Bryan S           

Very accomplished cooking and lots of fish dishes on offer besides the more routine Moussaka/Kleftiko etc.  The service got a bit stretched as the evening wore on due to the fact that the whole heaving resuarant was being looked after by just two friendly but overstretched staff.  I would definitely recommend eating here if staying locally.



A W           

This lovely restaurant is situated between the beach restaurants and the harbour restaurants and is right next to the carpark but on the beach with a lovely setting.

The staff are discretely attentive and speak very good english but the food is most definitely greek with beautiful greek salad and delicious grilled meat dishes. And they are more than happy to give you potatoes instead of chips but you may need to ask if they don't offer.
Its not the cheapest but it is far from expensive. 7.50 euro for the mixed grill I think. Its not an english mixed grill like you get in other resorts, you get a peice of lamb. pork, steak  and chicken, all cooked to perfection and very tender.
It was so good we went back on our last night for a 3 course meal. Including wine it was less that 35 euro.