Restaurants in Kefalos

Sheila L          10/10

All food as good as ever

Danielle L           

Loved this restaurant. Beautiful views, gorgeous food and very reasonable prices. Heartily recommend the mousaka and the Tomato soup. The chickpea fritters were out of this world.
Fabulous, friendly service. Try out your Greek on the waiter, he'll be impressed and if you tell him you enjoyed the meal is is genuinely delighted!
Just beware that the house wine is quite potent!!! And they give all the men Ouzo and woen a Greek coffee liquor after your meal. That was what tipped me over the pleasantly full and tipsy to Oh-Mi-God-My-Belly-Is-Going-To-Explode!!!

Sheila L           

All meals excellent.As their was four of us and we all had a different meals  you might think someone would be disappointed every one was happy.

Colin H           


went here 5 years ago, and on going back in last month, the waiter remembered us and brought us a bottle of house wine free, the meals we had were excellent and far to much (mind you we finished of the full meal).  The owner and his family all work there and very interesting to talk to.  Would recommend here.

Neil B           

try veal stifado this was the best meal of the week!!

Paul W           

This restaurant seems to have become a victim of its own success.

The food is excellent, but when we went, there was only 2 waiters, and although we arrived early, it filled up and the service just ground to a halt - took 1/2 hour to pay the bill.

Kerry H           

This is the best restaurant in Kefalos. The family that run it are really friendly and the food is excellent. The prices are very reasonable and having gone there for the last seven years can safely say that we have never had a bad meal there.

Jacki H           

This is our favorit taverna in Kefalos, Andonis and his family always welcome you. The food is excellent and you get a free drink with our bill.