Restaurants in Kefalos

Clare N          10/10

Just got back from Kefalos, what a perfect holiday ! Went to Theologos and had the best sunset ever, food was great you must go and visit

Clare W          10/10

What a FANTASTIC restaurant.  We discovered this place May 2006 but was staying in Lambi at the time so could not watch the sunset.  We came back and stayed at Billy's so my boyfriend drove us here.  Came here twice this year. Can not fault this place - great location, fantastic sunset, quiet beach, delicious food plus to top it all, I got to proposed to on the beach.  We tried the greek salad with chicken, pepper chicken (fantastic rich sauce), shrimp spagetti with mushroom and cream sauce.  There home made honey cake with ice cream is lovely.  It is well worth the drive across the mountains.  Excellent value too.

Paul T           

Best food, service and lcoation in Kefalos. Wost part is that you'll need a 'Des-ignated' driver to get you there (unless you're a London cabbie and can afford to get ripped off by the local taxi drivers - in which case it serves you right). 'Des' won't be dissapointed though- a memorable night.

Jacki H           

We love this place. We always go back once a year. The views and sunset is lovely. Try the home made cheese ....

Terry E           

One of our favourite resteraunts, which we return to every year, the food is very good with large portions and great flavours, also a very friendly dog who is always willing to help out if needed! The road to the resteraunt has improved considerably over the year's from a dirt track to a tarmac road. The sunset's are always superb and this is a great place to eat in the evening.

Tony A           

The name of the Restaurant is AGIOS THEOLOGOS RESTAURANT, and it can be found at Sunset Wave Beach about 15 minutes from Kefelos. It is south of kefelos past the winmills and you will see a sign for the restaurant, just keep going and asking and you WILL find it.

The best time to visit is in the evening as you get fantastic sunsets, but it may be worth while finding it in the daytime when you can see where you are going. The location is beautiful today as it has always been, a wonderful place for breakfast or lunch, but as I have said, its real charm is in the evening when you sit and enjoy a romantic meal, no loud music, just the sound of the waves and the stunning light show provided by the breathtaking sunset out at seain full view of the restaurant.

I think that it is managed by Bobby, the son of the owners Tony & Maria. Gus used to be in the kitchen and they serve a wide variety of food. Local and International - Well worth a vist.