The Stop Inn

Restaurants in Kefalos

Andrew Catlover          1/10

Cruel woman who poisons and shoots local cats. DO NOT GIVE HER YOUR MONEY. SPEND IT IN PLACES THAT DESERVE IT.

Michael I

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Hi Mike & Maureen from across the pond from Mike and Maurine Inniss thats funny:)

John A

Prepare to give your taste buds an orgasm

Kathryn W          8/10

Although this is set back from the road, we recommend you give it a go. The food is nice- especially the beef stew in which the meat is so tender you barely have to cut it with your knife.

Yes, there is sometimes a bit of a wait for food, but you are given bread with houmus, curry & garlic dips straight after you order- and even better banana shots for the ladies and brandy for the men are provided after your meal!
Very good & no complaints.
Kathryn & Ian

Claire G           

Made us feel really welcome, highly recommended and a bargin

Jackie A           

five of us went for a meal there including a two year old. we were made very welcome and the food was of a high standard, the prices were good and we were all given a complementry brandy to end our meal, very nice.

Michael I           

Freshly cooked meals; very friendly; very clean; liver and onions fantastic as well as the lamb in foil: succulent; meat very tender; first class chef. Will eat there again. Michael and Maureen Inniss