Hubs - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Mary L           

Over 8 years of holidays in Greece (including 6 in Kefalos) his was the only Greek taverna we have ever been in where you aren't given a basket of bread to go with your meal!  We had to ask for it then it was brought over.  Also, it wasn't possible to buy wine in a carafe, just "expensive" bottles.  I know they're not expensive compared to the UK but everywhere else in Kefalos seemed to be able to provide carafes.

Food was okay, we both had pasta.  We can't work out why this restaurant had such good reviews though and felt that it wasn't worth the money.

Rainbow - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Mary L           

The joint best taverna in Kefalos (joint first place with the Golden Fleece). 

Recommend the cod fillet and also the fresh white snapper.  There are good value set menus here but we like Greek salad for a starter which isn't included in the set menus so we've never tried one.  The crepes are nice for dessert as well.  

Friendly service and good prices. 

Golden Fleece - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Mary L           

Joint first place with Rainbow.

Really good value e.g. a massive tuna steak, chips, potatoes, vegetables and salad for 4 euro 50.  We find it's impossible to eat a starter and main course in here, we often can't finish just a main course. 
They also have a good range of pasta and the best pizzas in Kefalos with home made bases.  You often see local people getting take away pizzas from the Golden Fleece.
There's an English waiter which sometimes puts us off but this one is friendly without being over the top.

Grand Cafe - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Mary L           

This is the best place to go for dessert in our opinion (and the locals as well it seems).  Fresh home made Greek cakes available, galaktoboureko and ravani were my favourites.  They also do baclava and some others.