Bar 1960

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Gail H           

yasou!! we loved this bar. we have just come back from our 2nd year at Kardamena and we went and caught up with old friends george & costas and we also met Stam the DJ. the music was great especially the night Stam played loads of chick songs and the place was jumping. Carl & Ian were also a good laugh, my scanner is down so cant get that picture of ian dressed as a french maid on, damn. you also dont get any plonkers trying to get you to come in and promising you the world. what you see is what you get but better service and music. go in and see for yourself



Lisa & Charlotte

I just got back from there, think I have a flyer kicking around with the address of bar 1960 somewhere will have a look for it. Most of the staff have gone from there now though, who you looking to contact?

Craig S           

feckin wicked bar, especially loved the girls dancing on the bar and the barmaid, altho the blokes were a great laugh too, the music was spot on to get us in the mood

James I           

One of the best bars in kardamana... great place to start the night we found... highly reccomended.... awesome barmaid too!!!

Claire F           

We loved this place!! great music, great drinks, great people big hello to Costa (and little Catrina), George, little Steve and big Steve 'stevros'.

Will be back there again next year guys.


Claire n Jane. xxxx

Liam P           

i loved this bar, the only thing i wud moan abt is tht the dj played the same set everynight. (was good set tho) neway we always came here 2 get our night going, most nights i was still hung ova and tired from the previous night! but this place got me well up 4 the night 2 c*m! deffo go here!!!
ooo and 1 more thing.... the girl who works there (sam) how fit is she!!!! and shes only 17 like me!!!!!!!!!!


we loved the place... always started off in was men wer fab...drinks even oin the beach loved it

Geordie J           

this bar was brilliant, we were here every nite dancing in the street and posing on the monument and trying 2 steal the chairs outside!hehehehe!the square starts 2 gets really full at around 11 ish so thats the best time 2 go and the music is fab!!!xxx

Lisa F

Can anyone help? I need to know the correct address of Bar 1960 ASAP!!!!!

Geordie J           

we came to this bar every nite...make a wicked vodka and redbull! the music was class if ur into 2 hip hop and r 'n' b...have a gud boogie in the square. always busy wen u arrive and the atmosphere is amazin, u get a real holiday feelin! this is a must if u go 2 Kos...xx

Paul M

i need to know how i go about gettin a job over there in 2005 preferbly workin in a bar not hasselin people to come in to the bars my email address is

Kate girls-on-tour d           

me and char, my fellow girl on tour loved this place- we got to do the "cha cha slide" and sit on a broken bench too! what more could u want? the staff were lovely too- they gave us free shots when in fact ur not really supposed to get them. this place is fab for stopping off and having a cheeky cocktail before u reach bar street

Charlotte B           

Always good for a cheeky cocktail and a cheeky dance before going down bar street

Louise K           

Excellent bar with brilliant atmosphere. Would reccomend it 2 anyone who likes hip-hop or RnB.

Emma D           

Butch... good to hear from you xx Still missing Kardamena loads and coming back out there end of Aug. Love to Hamster x You guys still rooming?? Would love to hear from him x
take care,

Butch T           

Emma Davies - I room with Chirs (Hamster!) i will let him know that you were trying to contact him - he is working in Mario's Bar now i will make sure he gets your details of Stu and gets in touch

Rod M           

i am looking for the phone number of bar 1960 can anyone help

Cliff W           

We went to this bar in may 2003. I have to say it was a great place to start the evening. ( the best bit was swinging the lights when a good tune came on. ANYONE REMEMBER?

Dave M           

My and my wife always stop her for a drink over the last few years we have been to kardamena it is a good bar and the owner is very friendly he has a great smile.

Jordan M           

I was there every night from 25th june - 8th july it was great. i would b there now but i've just got home 2 sunny essex n feel like crying. if u know of any jobs (hopefully for 2) at n e of the bars then email me at it'll b much aprieciated :o)

James P           

This place is sweet!!! Loved Bar 1960 it was pumping!
Me and my mate are UK dj's was wandering when we come on july 24th could we do a set consisting of r and b - garage and drum and bass. email us on



Craig B           

Really good, PR from lighthouse bar (wlesh) took us there and they sorted us out!! always to late to see the ladies though :(

Ria G           


Kelly J           

I went here every night and occassionally during the day. Its a great bar, almost as good as crossroads.

Rex B           

Nicely furnished bar with plenty of seats. You are not dragged into this bar but once inside, someone will take all your drinks orders and bring them to your table. Drinks are reasonably priced and when we sat here there were a good number of women on the surrounding tables. Rex almost got the colonel out in here.

Carol A           

bar 1960 is in the main square a good place to people watch and nice lager, it is also a bit more quite than some of the bars on bar street a lot of aussies get in here i think the barman might be an australian.

David W

We are going to Kefalos this week and are staying at the Maria Studios with Olympic Holidays. Does anyone have any info on them? Also anything about the bars, tavernas, distances, beaches, etc would be useful. Or any hints & tips on what we should take !!! Thanks

Sarah B

i would like to know the address of the bar