Exchange Rates on Kos

Ginny L

Does anyone know what the exchange rate is in kos at the moment?
We are just deciding whether to change our money in england or wait till we get to kos?


Chris M          10/10

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we exchanged all we needed at Ritas car hire attached to the andreas apts,good rates and A1 service and we got very good deals on (Jeremy?) the jeep and a little fiat. We will be back for more of the same jul/aug 07 can't bloody wait!

Monty M           

Exchanged pounds stirling at local accommodation (pantheon) and received 0.62 euros to the pound - so much better than UK. Plus, exchange can occur 24 hours a day from reception. Yes, there is a small charge, but hey - life's too short.

Neil B           

change some money in kefalos travel not a good deal

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